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Esoteric Astrology Readings with Clayten

Spiritual Life-Improvement Consulting, thru Esoteric Astrology

* Accurate * Sensitive * Inspirational * A New Perspective!

Astrology Readings for New Clients

* Includes your Natal Report, Forecast Report, plus a Designer Wheel!

Initial Astrology Reading ~ $200. CAD - INTRODUCTORY SALE $150. (Limited Time Offer)
This 90 Minute Initial Esoteric Astrology Reading covers One Year into the future, and includes Numerology. Approximately 60-90 Min. preparation time is required. Digitally recorded. In-person or by Telephone. ($1.50 per minute thereafter).
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Astrology Readings for Previous Clients

* Includes your Timeline Transit Report

These Yearly Astrology Readings focus on ONE YEAR into the future. Approximately 60-90 Min. preparation time is included. Digitally recorded. In-person or by Telephone. By appointment. ($1.50 per minute thereafter)
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An Astrological Reading Update is a review of the time-period covered by your Yearly Reading. Your transits are re-calculated and your chart brought up-to-date. Approximately 75 Min. preparation time is included. By appointment. In person, or by telephone. Digitally recorded. Minimum 90 Minutes $160. for an in-person Update. ($1.50 per minute thereafter)
Six Mo. Reviews
After your yearly Astrology Reading: This pick-me-up Reading is beneficial if you have a sudden decision to make, need help through a crisis, or just need to talk. Your birth chart and transits are calculated and brought up to date during our conversation. No appointment necessary. Not recorded. (For recording, please add $20.) Minimum $50
Astrology Call
Previous Clients: After your yearly Astrology Reading, this is beneficial if you have a specific question or decision.
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Terms & Conditions
  • $50. Fee to Re-schedule, without 24 hours notice.
  • A Cancellation fee for the FULL AMOUNT for missed appointments.
  • Telephone Consultations: clients are to call me and pay any long distance charges.
  • For New Clients: Advance payment, or payment arrangements.
  • For Previous Clients: Payment immediately after Reading.
Home/Office: Vancouver's West End

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