Conjugial Love

Conjugial Love, by Clayten Tylor

Conjugial Love: Our Path of Return

by Clayten Tylor

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New First Edition - Published March 2019

Print Book ISBN 978-0-359-47963-4
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Conjugial Love, by Clayten Tylor

Conjugial Love, by Clayten Tylor- Back Cover Book

Conjugial love is God as a feeling. It is the spiritual heat and light of every soul. It is the feeling of reaching-up as love to the Lord, together with the feeling of reaching-out as mutual-love to the neighbor.

To receive conjugial love requires that we first will the feeling of love upwards and then outwards. In this way, we expand our sense-of-self to get a glimpse of the feeling of the four-fold rhythm of Divine order.

Once the sensual rhythm of Divine order had been established as the feeling of love, it purifies our feeling of self of its identification and attachment with the physical body. This new spiritual perspective transforms our sense-of-self from personality to individuality, which then awakens the feeling of conjugial love.

The feeling of conjugial love is our Path of Return. Within the flow of the feeling of conjugial love, we can sense our spiritual self, first as the feeling of profound peace, but then as higher states of love, as feelings of being infinite and eternal.

Clayten is a Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist, and Mystic. His other interest includes subjects such as Spiritual Healing, Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Qabalah, Color Therapy,
Contemporary Spirituality, Trans-personal Religious experiences. He is an avid Swedenborg enthusiast.

Conjugial Love- Book- cover

Conjugial Love: Our Path of Return
by Clayten Tylor

eBook ISBN#: 978-0-359-48793-6
Printed Book ISBN 978-0-359-47963-4
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First Published March 2019

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Conjugial Love, Book: Includes over 100 sketches to demonstrate the Feeling of Conjugial Love.

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