Conjugial Love

Conjugial Love, by Clayten Tylor

Conjugial Love: Our Path of Return

by Clayten Tylor

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Conjugial Love, by Clayten Tylor

Conjugial Love, by Clayten Tylor- Back Cover Book

Conjugial love is the Divine as a feeling. It is the spiritual heat and light of every soul. It is the feeling of gratitude to the Universe, together with the feeling of mutual-love to the neighbor. To receive conjugial love requires that we first will the affection of love upwards and outwards. In this way, we expand our sense of self to get a glimpse of the feeling of the four-fold rhythm of Divine order.

Once the sensual rhythm of Divine order has been established as the feeling of love, it purifies our feeling of self of its identification and attachment with the physical body. This new spiritual perspective transforms our sense-of-self from personality to individuality, which then awakens the feeling of conjugial love.

The feeling of conjugial love is our Path of Return. Within the flow of the feeling of conjugial love, we can sense our spiritual self, first as the feeling of profound peace, but then as higher states of love, as feelings of being infinite and eternal.


I would like to acknowledge Conjugial Love as the underlying affection of all the other forms of love – and yet – no one ever talks about it.

Preface: Conjugial Love

Conjugial love is the ultimate love experience. It is a “heavenly love,” because it is the conjunction of love and innocence; its innocence makes us feel young again, and its love heals all loneliness. It corresponds to everything sweet and delicious. In fact, conjugial love is the love of all loves. Even its goal is love and abundance for everyone through the feeling of delight. It is “implanted in every woman from creation,” and into her “procreated offspring” (C.L. 400). It is our goodness , which we inherit from the Divine Feminine. No one ever talks about, because our perception of it develops after regeneration, and not many people pass that initiation.

Spiritual regeneration, begins at midlife. It is when we realiz e that we are not happy, and that everything that we have striven for all of our life, does not actually contain any of the lasting inmost delight that we were seeking. Spiritual regeneration shifts our center-of-consciousness slowly from selfish, to less selfish. During that time, we begin to sense conjugial love in our blood stream, first as a subtle affection of delight, but then as a growing sensitivity and mutual-love for others.

With this realization, everything appears the same, except now there is an inner responsive, communication developing. We are now faced with two perspectives, a mind-chatter-self, and a silent-self. In the silence, peace is felt. When the mind repeatedly turns to silence and is accompanied by the feeling of peace, an inner spiritual relationship forms. The peaceful self becomes the dominant feeling-of-self, while the chatty-self retreats and along with it our illusion of separateness.

Naturally, even just the outer peace of a quiet neighborhood, can make someone who is sick feel better. Yet, without the false feeling of separateness, there is an additional inmost delight that grows and heals everything. When the heat of the soul unites with the light of the spirit in a momentary conjugial love experience, it leaves behind an affection for mutual-love that continues to interact with us in our daily-life .

Conjugial love is worth seeking as a lifelong goal. As a vibration, conjugial love is the only thing that we are, or ever can be. At its core, it is the feeling of being infinite and eternal. It can best be understood if we were to divide it into ten sections or principles. Each principle would represent an individual aspect of the total experience of conjugial love as a particular radiating or contracting sensation. If as an exercise, each radiating sensation is expanded outwardly, it purifies and strengthens its magnetism, which then becomes a reciprocating affection of love.

The secret to restoring conjugial love to its original purity and holiness, is by knowing that it cannot be possessed. We can share it, and have it flow through us, and even be nourished by its essence, but the inmost delight is only perceived after we radiate it. The influx of conjugial love flowing through us, is purified even more to a blissful affection of love, when we imitate it. We already have the affection of conjugial love in us as an unconscious memory. When we can recall it, and cause an affection of love to flow through us again, then that is restoring the path of return to its purity.

I like to think of the Return Path, uniting the affection of good with the affection of truth, as a flowing willful-feeling in conjunction with a clear truthful mind. Truth is not whether something is believable or not, truth is meant spiritual truth, which is spiritual light flowing as an affection for knowing and growing wise . It is the feeling of Knowing. Truth is from good, which is the celestial plane of feeling . Truth on the spiritual plane, is a spiritual knowing, which is a knowing- feeling .

Good is meant spiritual good, which is doing good, by acts of mutual-love. Whereas, celestial good, is the feeling of being good , by attuning with conjugial love . T ogether , d oing good and being good unite in the affection of conjugial love.

On the spiritual plane, spiritual truth is light ; whereas, o n the celestial plane, spiritual truth is a knowing. Yet, on the spiritual plane, spiritual good is the feeling of doing good ; whereas, on the celestial plane, spiritual good is the feeling of being good itself.

Attuning with conjugial love vivifies the affection for good. It causes love to flow through our body, which unites with the affection for truth as a unifying light in a knowing-feeling. By correspondence, good, and truth in physicality are reduced to disorder by the selfish perspective of our ego. Selfishness draws down the light of truth into falsity, and we lose our affection for truth. Without it, we then lose our affection for good. Then we perceive good, as lust. Conjugial love is then perceived as its opposite, which is where it stands today. The path of return, is by attuning to the knowing-feeling within, while it vivifies and brings to spiritual life the luminous light.

The path of return , is th e reciprocating feeling of the Divine Feminine . T he feminine energy is stimulated during an experience of conjugial love . She is a collection of all the sensual pleasures that we can possibly experience in physical life all wound-up into one. W e are attempting to unravel them into one eternal moment , and then re-unite them again to gain control over them, and to s et us on the p ath of r eturn .

At first, conjugial love is perceived as an uncontrollable four-fold pulsating sensual feeling of love. It can be made to course through our body, and eventually expand into a luminous out-of-body spiritual experience. The luminous sensation is ignited by the affection of mutual-love, also called spiritual love, which is the ability to will love as an affection of love in motion to others. By willing love, we are willing the spiritual affection of love, and are acting-out a mutual-love ritual. This kind of ritual is the exact correspondence that can attract the spiritual affection of conjugial love.

Yet, we also want to experience the higher, celestial affection of conjugial love, which is similar to the feeling of gratitude. It is the spiritual affection of love, sent as a thank you to all who have gone before us, which causes a reciprocating affection of love that lifts us-up. The uplifting feeling is the outcome of combining the feeling of mutual-love, the love for others, with the celestial feeling of gratitude. Together, in animated motion they produce an affection for love that radiates both up and down, and in and out into infinity, similar to a conjugial love experience. And, the reason for this book is that I want the world t o know about this kind of love .

Esoteric Exercises

Esoteric Exercise #1

Practice #1: Love to the Lord, and Love to the Neighbor

This exercise signifies "praising the Lord," which involves willing "love to the Lord" and then "love to the neighbor." The heart and lungs do this motion naturally, but as a spiritual perception, it would feel just like these images look.

Esoteric Exercise #1

Practice #2: The Seven Days of the Week

The seven days of the week are represented by the symbols for the seven personal planets of our solar system. They signify spiritual states of mind that have a spiritual effect upon us, merely by looking at them. We do not need to know anything about what they mean, for the subconscious mind already knows. All that is required is to visualize them individually on the appropriate day that each symbol represents.

Esoteric Exercise #1

Practice #3: The Morning, Daytime, and Evening States

The morning, day, and evening times of the day, do not quite correspond with Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, but by using these three symbols to represent the Trinity, they reveal an inner spiritual vibration that has a transforming effect on the unconscious patterns that hold us in bondage. The three symbols are the threefold principles that closely represent the divine aspects of consciousness. All three symbols represent spiritual feelings, which can shift the consciousness into a state of being without a separate sense of self.

Clayten is a Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist,and Mystic. His other interest includes subjects such as Spiritual Healing, Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Qabalah, Color Therapy, Contemporary Spirituality, Trans-personal Religious experiences. He is an avid Swedenborg enthusiast.

Conjugial Love- Book- cover

Conjugial Love: Our Path of Return
by Clayten Tylor

eBook ISBN#: 978-0-359-48793-6
Printed Book ISBN 978-0-359-47963-4
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First Published March 2019

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Conjugial Love, Book: Includes over 100 sketches to demonstrate the Feeling of Conjugial Love.

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