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Numerology: Cycles of Time.

"Number signifies the quality of a thing as to truth." - Emanuel Swedenborg, (A.C. 364)

Numerology in a Name.

I originally began to study Numerology (both western numerology and Gematria) to understand the timing of events in my life, but the end result was I came to understand the nature of someone who lied.

To determine if someone was a liar, was never discernable by their birth chart. I found it was only by the use of Western Numerology that you can see definitively if someone has the propensity to being dishonest, and because it is usually disguised as diplomacy, or being two-faced, by people in positions of responsibility and power, is why it can go undetected. I guess you can say that I am an expert in determining if someone is a liar, because everyone and everything can be reduced to a number, and when you can see a person from that perspective, you truly see the parts that make up the whole.

Gematria: "The Magical Language. - a system that associates words and phrases, through number relationships, which enhances the capacity to receive inner instruction on spiritual subjects." (Paul Foster Case (1884-1954).

Gematria is the type of Numerology Marco Rodin used, which led him to discover his vortex-based mathematics theory, the mathematical finger print of god. He used Gematria to analyze the Most Great Name of God of the Bahai Faith to arrive at it being equal to the number nine, being the omni-potent number. He then used the technique of 'doubling numbers' used extensively in Gematria, to arrive at the bases of his further calculations of 'reducing numbers to one digit', in the creation of the Rodin magnetic Coil. Imagine using this mathematical formula to bring your own body into balance, which is the purpose of Esoteric Astrology.

Sample Name Analysis Numerology Reading for Robin Williams

Numerology: Types of Number Cycles.

Whole Name Number or Destiny Number: Are you interested in knowing more about yourself and what motivates you? Your whole name number influences your career, hobbies, how you express yourself, and determines the types of people you associate with.

Birth Date Number or Life Path: Do you feel uncertain about where you are going in life? Do you lack self-confidence? The birth date number is an overtone to the whole name number. It influences all of your actions, because it effects your response to life. Both the name and date number should be looked at as 'one' to understand the influence on your entire life expression.

Cycle Year Number: Does life feel challenging right now? Are you going through a transition, or want to make a change? The cycle year number defines the year cycle relative to a nine year cycle. This number influences starting or beginning times, or where you are now, relative to the beginning year.

Business Number & Cycle: Do you feel frustrated with your career? Does work feel overwhelming? When will business become profitable? The business number offers a cycle analysis, for it uncovers hidden influences on business cycles, relative to your personal cycle year.

Universal Number: Do you wonder way some economies are successful? Understand the nations' cycle and its effect on the economy, stock market or other important changes. This number can help you understand the influence of currencies, and politics

Address (Place) Number:  Would you like some help in understanding your domestic situation and relationships? An apartment number and a street number can offer invaluable information, such as; why a rental property always needs repairing, or which properties are best for reselling, or why you are feel more comfortable where you live now. See: How to Improve Rental Property Value in a Number Four Address

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