Numerology: Seven Cycle Year

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Seven Cycle Year.

"The number Seven was esteemed holy, as is well known, by reason of the six days of creation, and of the seventh, which is the celestial man, in whom is peace, rest, and the sabbath..." - Swedenborg A.R. 657

The Seven Cycle Year is the time to rest, to deepen your philosophy, to reflect and build inner reserves. It is the start of the fruition cycle.

In the plant stage the plant rests from growth as it puts its accumulated reserves of energy into the blossoms which causes the flowers to unfold.

This is a sensitive year, one of introspection - a time to read, study, write, and to spend time alone. It does lack expression and can lead to doubt, and the temptation is to quit - but don't.

It is the time to seek peace, balance and equilibrium - and therefore feels like a waiting year. But try to be receptive to higher guidance - to silence the mind and listen and to put your desires and intellect aside and ask the real self to guide your personality.

number sevenA Seven year is a time to rest, when the stillness of the body is aimed at silencing the mind. In a seven year it is easier to control the senses by using the mind.

All of our desires are unconscious attempts to unite our personality with our divine self. All desire first appears as a want, and no desire has any real effect unless it makes a difference on the physical plane.

Now we must purify our desires by exposing them to intellectual analysis, or the results will be hollow. We need to trace the origins of our desire. Ask yourself, "what is the drive behind this desire?" Use reason and imagination to rid yourselves of the lack.

It is the time to establish a purified personal consciousness and to no longer be bound to an identity, to change your identity from personality to individuality - from body to Spirit.

We know the inner essence of every desire is good and every desire is a promise of its fulfillment - and therefore develop trust, and begin to live the Victorious life.

Now lets take your "future self image" developed in the previous cycles, and try to sum it all up in one incredible physical "feeling" - a shiver, a shake, a total body orgasm - and now attach this feeling to your image of your future self.

That "feeling" is going to be how you can call in this image, how you can excite yourself into action - something you can carry with you always. We might not be able to intellectually think about our perfection but it is possible to "feel" its contact - and now you have it connected to your goal. Ok? Good.

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