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Birth Chart Interpretations for John Travolta.

Your Rising Sign

First let's take a quick look at your ascendant, or rising sign. Astrologers want to know what zodiac sign is rising at birth, since this gives a picture of the way you appear or come across to others.

You come across as emotional and reactive. You sense things rather than think them through. You tend to mother and include everyone within your protective envelope... are more comfortable in this role.

Cancer Rising

Your Chart Data

John Travolta
Feb 18, 1954
02:53:00 PM EST +05:00
073W59'00" 40N54'00"
House System: Placidus

Planet Sign Position House House Cusps
Sun Aquarius 29°Aq38' 08th 01 29°Ca06'
Moon Virgo 11°Vi10' 02nd 02 19°Le06'
Mercury Pisces 15°Pi56' 09th 03 13°Vi07'
Venus Pisces 04°Pi26' 08th 04 13°Li35'
Mars Sagittarius 04°Sg58' 05th 05 20°Sc21'
Jupiter Gemini 16°Ge32' 11th 06 27°Sg26'
Saturn Scorpio 09°Sc21' R 04th 07 29°Cp06'
Uranus Cancer 19°Ca35' R 12th 08 19°Aq06'
Neptune Libra 25°Li55' R 04th 09 13°Pi07'
Pluto Leo 23°Le39' R 02nd 10 13°Ar35'
Midheaven Aries 13°Ar35' 11 20°Ta21'
Ascendant Cancer 29°Ca06' 12 27°Ge26'

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Planet Aspects

The Lights: The Sun and Moon

At the time of our birth, the planets (through their configurations and relationships) tell us something about how things were when we were born. Each planet points to special qualities within us. Yet, of all the planets, the two most important planets to astrologers are the "lights," the Sun and the Moon. From where we stand here on Earth, the great shining Sun by day and the reflecting Moon at night are our constant companions. They have much to tell us as to where we have been and where we are headed.

The Sun: Your Self and Future

From the Sun comes light, that which draws us into life. The Sun represents all the changes we have not yet taken, that part of us that we have not yet experienced but are headed toward. The Sun represents our identity, or self, in that it is toward these that we are moving and developing. Thus, it also represents that which we will become: older people, authorities -- those we look toward, or up to. Our essence, or future. Teachers, gurus, and older (more experienced) people are represented by the Sun. The Sun is "hot stuff," those further up the road of life experience.

You are open-minded and democratic, enthusiastic, and have a definite sense of mission. Above all, you are a progressive and enjoy putting into practice that which is good for all. Your altruism could appear as coolness. At home with different cultures, peoples, and lands, you love to work with (and in) groups.

Sun in Aquarius

You have a basic self-esteem that is plain to all who meet you. Your sense of discrimination and innate good taste means that you know good items from bad and are a connoisseur of all that is fine and beautiful. A love of authority figures (men in particular), plus an appreciation for authority and your elders in general, makes you welcome at any social scene.

Sun Conjunction Venus

You push hard, but much energy is wasted because you tend to lack direction and planning. You often work against the way things are: authorities or the status quo. It may be difficult for you to coordinate your ambitions with your actual actions and feelings. You tend to hobble yourself emotionally. Your drive and passions put you at odds with authority figures time and again. This tendency towards clashes and emotional confrontation does exist, and at these times you can be your own worst enemy.

Sun Square Mars

Responsibilities are easy for you, and you tend to pile on tasks, one after another. You work very hard, with a gritty resolve, and can accomplish much. It takes a lot to overload your willingness to take charge and help out. Organizational skills are good, and a career in one of the physical sciences is quite possible. You find it easy to work with those in authority or those who are more experienced than yourself.

Sun Trine Saturn

You have a natural ability to grasp spiritual and visionary matters and to put them to work. You can perform with the imagination and metaphysical thoughts like others work with durable things. This is because you understand what is behind and connecting things. Much of your own self-image is wrapped up with your ability to work with images -- dreams and the imagination. You would make a good teacher in areas of music, philosophy, and all that is mystical.

Sun Trine Neptune

You resist change and resent others prying into your personal affairs. You prefer things be left just as they are. Self-analysis and any unnecessary probing go against the grain. The unexamined life is what you champion. Your personal contacts (or lack thereof), coupled with a need for growth and transformation, can build up to the point of eruption. For all your discretion, you still tend to find yourself battling it out with authorities on a regular basis.

Sun Opposition Pluto

The Moon: The Support System

Here is information about the kind of environment we create around us, our support system. It is not only the surroundings that we set up today, but the Moon also represents our past, the particular history and social background out of which we grew. Aside from our social background, the Moon governs all of the old habits that we have grown beyond. We tend to look down on, or back on, our Moon. It represents those experiences out of which we have come, all those younger souls who are unconscious, or "sub" conscious to our own level. This is why it is said that the Moon is a mystery planet, for it is both our parent and our child: our parent in that out of it we were born, our child in that we can't but respond to others who are now living as we once did.

You are concerned and caring when it comes to the welfare of others. Not dynamic or too emotional, you are attentive, observant, careful, and above all responsible -- able to respond. Always competent, you are in fact quite loving, although others could feel scrutinized or inadequate when in your presence.

Moon in Virgo

It may be hard to find support for your ideas, and arguments may arise with those who oppose or challenge your way of thinking. You could find yourself thinking and presenting ideas that are out of place or don't go along with the current mood. Since you don't always pay attention to your own moods and feelings, some of your ideas may not even feel right to you. You could say things that upset or challenge those around you. You may be great at argument.

Moon Opposition Mercury

You have trouble appreciating or feeling comfortable with your emotions, especially when with others. Your particular set of values and appreciation may provoke confrontations with others. You don't care how they may be feeling, and they may not be very supportive of some of your own values. You are not noted for your great sense of discrimination when it comes to your surroundings including the environment you live in. You don't care much for psychology, customs, and traditional values, in general.

Moon Opposition Venus

You may find yourself being too harsh or forceful when dealing with others, especially in group situations. The social fabric around you is something you tear through all too often in your drive to get things done. This can result in a distinct lack of support or assistance from others. Since you tend to ignore sentiment and the feelings of others, you are often left on your own. This non-cooperation makes it hard to really get ahead.

Moon Square Mars

The path or career that you take may go against tradition and thus sometimes be a lonely one. Don't expect much support from those around you. There is also some danger you could overextend, making decisions that go against your own better feelings and instincts. Career choices could be at the expense of home and surroundings. Your approach to solving problems may get you in hot water with others, resulting in frequent debates, if not out-and-out arguments.

Moon Square Jupiter

Your sense of responsibility is so well developed that you always end up managing any situation you become involved in. You are disciplined, work hard, and are good at getting others to work with and for you. Perhaps a little too serious and frugal, you enjoy getting along on less. Essentials are what count. You like to keep to yourself and tend to avoid too much socializing. Others may prefer keeping some distance too.

Moon Sextile Saturn

The Inner Planets: Mercury and Venus

The planets Mercury and Venus have more to do with our internal and personal life than with life outside us. These inner planets are located between the orbit of the Earth and the Sun. We can look to qualities that are inside us. Venus indicates how we appreciate and measure our experience, how we value life. Mercury tells us something about how our mind works, how we think and communicate -- our intrinsic brightness.

Mercury: The Mind and Communication

Mercury is the light in our eyes, the ever-changing consciousness within us that moves from idea to idea. Thus Mercury has always represented thoughts, ideas, and the mental process in general. It governs not only ideas, but communications, too. Communications -- by phone, letter, spoken, or however -- are ruled by Mercury. Also thoughts, connections, phone wires, and everything that connects and conveys -- even conversations.

You are an intuitive rather than a rational thinker, and psychological thought (the psyche), mysticism and religion are natural. You love poetry and music, tending to feel or sense with your mind the truth of a situation. You are very sympathetic and understanding and have kind thoughts. Compassionate.

Mercury in Pisces

You may think and speak in a way that others could find challenging or even antagonistic. Since you don't always listen to your own moods and feelings, some of your ideas may not even feel right to you. You could argue or debate in public.

Moon Opposition Mercury

You don't spend a lot of time thinking out your problems, considering solutions, and the like. Your thoughts are most often elsewhere, and tend to be impractical much of the time. You can't seem to figure out the right course of action. This is most true when it comes to your career or vocation. Not a good counselor yourself, you are well advised to seek the advice of someone you trust when it comes to matters of your career.

Mercury Square Jupiter

You are a heavy-duty thinker and serious student, always ready to work an idea through, reducing it to what is essential. You enjoy mental effort and discipline, and work long and hard at whatever you put your mind to. You could present or teach religious and philosophical ideas, anything where substance and content are at issue.

Mercury Trine Saturn

You enjoy working with your mind, and your sharp perceptions make finding new solutions easy. You always bring an unexpected twist or insight to anything you set your mind to. You are able to teach or help others to be more original when it comes to the words or thoughts they use. You can use the mind in original ways and probably have excellent eye-hand coordination. Your laser-like mind makes conversations fast-paced and illuminating. A ready wit.

Mercury Trine Uranus

Venus: Values and Discrimination

Venus rules our values and sense of appreciation. When we appraise or appreciate something, whether that be another person or a new car, this is Venus -- the sense of love and compassion we may feel. By the same token, this planet rules enjoyment too. Whether it be self-appreciation or just plain old decadent self-enjoyment by having a good time, this is Venus. When we go shopping or are on a spending spree, it is Venus that allows us to appreciate and value all the good things of life.

You have deep commitments and appreciate sacrifice and duty on the part of others. At home in the world of the dreamer and mystic, you have great intuition. You are always willing to sublimate and take the back seat. Domestic at heart, you love family life. A true romantic. Musical, psychological, poetic, gentle.

Venus in Pisces

You have excellent taste and could be expert in all matters of art and discrimination. You can always pick out the valuable and worthwhile. You value and appreciate all that is fine and beautiful. Perhaps an interest in older people or authority.

Sun Conjunction Venus

Your sense of values and the way you care about things may prove challenging to others. You may not appreciate the emotions and moods you feel, especially when in a group. You may not care much for psychology, history, or the problems of younger people.

Moon Opposition Venus

What you don't love is the parade of emotions -- directness from others. What you do love and appreciate may not be as clear to you as what you do not love. You are troubled by all that gets too pushy, physical, and gushy. About this you are clear. Sports, ordeals of bravery, and all that is too physical is objectionable. Given the world as it is and your predisposition, a certain amount of emotional tension is unavoidable.

Venus Square Mars

You could be an excellent teacher in areas requiring discipline and organization. You value order and place a high premium on hard work and effort. You like to get down to the bare bones, to what is essential. Whatever is most practical is best, and you appreciate things that are durable and long-lasting. You love truth, philosophy, law, and the like.

Venus Trine Saturn

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