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Esoteric Articles

AstroTalk Natal ReportThese articles are about 'spiritual' energy, and bringing that energy into full awareness. Spiritual awareness begins by understanding spiritual correspondences. These articles attempt to explain the spiritual cause through understanding its spiritual correspondence. To see the essence of all things, one begins to mold imagination energy, and thereby unveil the balanced center within - revealing the Divine Presence.

Esoteric Zodiac Signs

Lovers Compatibility ReportEach Horoscope Sun Sign, represents a phase in our 'spiritual' development. The following horoscopes attempt to examine each phase from a spiritual perspective. After you read your Horoscope, please read the Quality, Correspondence, and Balancing sections of your Sign.

Astrology Terminology

TimeLine Transit ReportThese articles are on basic astrology. They begin with how to create a natal chart which is your individual cosmic portrait or mandala. It is what the universe has to say about who you are and what you may become. The seeds of the future are always sown in the present, but can we read them? This is what the study of astrology is all about: reading the signs of the times and listening to what they have to say about ourselves, now and in the future. Your cosmic portrait is ready any time you are.

Numerology Articles

Moon Transit ReportThese articles on Numerology include the types of Numerology calculations, and also include a description of the cycle years. The articles are for those interested in knowing more about yourself and what motivates you. Your whole name number influences your career, hobbies, how you express yourself, and determines the types of people you associate with. The Birth Date Number or Life Path: guides you about where you are going in life; or is you lack self-confidence, etc.

Alternative Healing Articles

Astrological Calendars 2014These articles are about Color healing, Affirmations, and Spiritual healing.To heal spiritually involves the following four principles: Concentration, denying the problem and focusing on its' opposite; Meditation, attuning and establishing a vibratory receptivity; Visualization, making a creative suggestion using Imagination; and Adoration, dwelling on what you want, with gratitude.

World Transits & Aspects

Free Designer Wheel with any ReportThese articles include the daily Void of Course Moon, and daily Moon aspects, as well as the interpretation to all the Planets in Aspect. Included are the interpretations for Progressed Sun, Moon, etc., and the Ephemeris for 2014, as well as Saturn Phases, and Mars Retrograde. Turn to these articles to see the daily Natal to Natal aspects for the entire world and their interpretations.

Celebrity Birth Charts

Daywatch Astrology Report These celebrity charts start with a quick look at their ascendant, or rising sign. Astrologers want to know what zodiac sign is rising at birth, since this gives a picture of the way a celebrity appears or comes across to others; whether they come across as emotional and reactive, or whether they sense things rather than think them through, or tend to mother and include everyone within their protective envelope and are more comfortable in that kind of role.

Presidential Candidates 2012

LifeScan Astrology ReportThese 2012 US Presidential Candidate charts begin with taking a quick look at their ascendant, or rising sign. Some of the candidates also include the major transits for 2012-2013. The articles examine the natal chart aspects, including signs, houses (if birth time is known), their challenges, soul quality, major life periods, and best career options.

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