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The Astrological Charts

Donald Trump
Jun 14, 1946
10:54:00 AM EDT +04:00
Jamaica, NY
073W48'22", 40N41'29"

Planet Sign Position House House Cusps
Sun Gemini 22°Ge56' 10th 01 29°Le58'
Moon Sagittarius 21°Sg12' 04th 02 23°Vi01'
Mercury Cancer 08°Ca52' 11th 03 21°Li13'
Venus Cancer 25°Ca44' 11th 04 24°Sc22'
Mars Leo 26°Le47' 12th 05 29°Sg21'
Jupiter Libra 17°Li27' R 02nd 06 01°Aq45'
Saturn Cancer 23°Ca49' 11th 07 29°Aq58'
Uranus Gemini 17°Ge54' 10th 08 23°Pi01'
Neptune Libra 05°Li51' R 02nd 09 21°Ar13'
Pluto Leo 10°Le03' 12th 10 24°Ta22'
Midheaven Taurus 24°Ta22' 11 29°Ge21'
Ascendant Leo 29°Le58' 12 01°Le45'

Vladimir Putin
Oct 07, 1952
09:30:00 AM BGT -03:00 (Birth Time Accuracy in question)
St Petersburg,RUSSIA
030E15'00", 59N55'00"
Planet Sign Position House House Cusps
Sun Libra 13°Li56' 11th 01 03°Sc10'
Moon Gemini 02°Ge54' 08th 02 29°Sc41'
Mercury Libra 23°Li10' 12th 03 07°Cp00'
Venus Scorpio 11°Sc42' 01st 04 21°Aq13'
Mars Sagittarius 26°Sg31' 02nd 05 24°Pi25'
Jupiter Taurus 19°Ta45' R 07th 06 17°Ar06'
Saturn Libra 17°Li27' 12th 07 03°Ta10'
Uranus Cancer 18°Ca24' 09th 08 29°Ta41'
Neptune Libra 21°Li10' 12th 09 07°Ca00'
Pluto Leo 22°Le43' 10th 10 21°Le13'
Midheaven Leo 21°Le13' 11 24°Vi25'
Ascendant Scorpio 03°Sc10' 12 17°Li06'

Astrological Compatibility


Astrologically, each individual is represented by a chart of the planets and houses at the moment of his birth. By comparing and contrasting the interrelationships of two separate charts, the astrologer can reveal the many ways and many levels that two people relate with each other. This is the astrological art of synastry as it has been practiced for several thousand years.

This report analyzes each of the two selected charts and interprets the astrological connections between them. The charts' data, along with planetary positions and house cusps, are printed on the previous page. There are four possible sections to this report, two for each of the charts. Any one of them, or all four of them, will be included here depending on which were requested. For each individual the two possible sections are: 1) How this person approaches relationships. This section considers only the one chart, and is appropriate for all relationships this individual makes. 2) How this person relates specifically with the second person. Here each paragraph interprets a contact between the two charts from one chart's point of view. The text here pertains to this one relationship only, and should be understood in light of the actual nature of the relationship.

Remember that every relationship contains points of similarity and harmony as well as points of conflict and discord. Through understanding, it is possible to cultivate and encourage the positive and harmonious, and keep relationships growing and fruitful through the highs and lows of the passing years.

Report for Donald Trump
How You Approach Relationships

You are warmly generous and always gracious with others. You have an innate sense of playfulness and self-discovery that endears you to all who come to know you. You will always have a bit of the child about you, and you tend to require considerable attention from a mate. Anyone who gets to know you knows that you take yourself ever so seriously. You prefer a mate with great ambitions and plans, who dares to dream the impossible dream! You benefit from being drawn out of yourself by someone with less self-consciousness. Above all, you really value a close friend -- especially in a lover. You are attracted to visionaries with broad humanitarian goals.

Aquarius on 7th Cusp

You love the oddball and the unfettered. You may be drawn to social visionaries and to unconventional types in general -- a taste for the bohemian. You may have many unusual relationships of short duration. There is an on-again, off-again, quality to your affairs. You depend on relationships for insights into yourself and your life.

Uranus Ruler of 7th

Report for Donald Trump
Strengths in your relationships

You dote on responsibility, and love to bring order and discipline to anything (or anyone) you are involved with. You wouldn't be caught dead in an extravagant display, not because you are a cheapskate, but because of your natural love of thrift and economy. Family and loved ones get first class care and service. Others will value you for these qualities. You probably love to work.

Venus Conjunction Saturn (orb: 01 55')

You were born lucky and have never had trouble finding support and approval from others. You may find that working with people is what you want to do for a career. Whether professionally or not, you will find yourself guiding and directing other people in one way or another. You have a way with other people and could do well in advertising, sales... any occupation that works with the public. If anything, you might have had it a little too easy, been a little too lucky.

Moon Sextile Jupiter (orb: 03 45')

You have great emotional control, and this allows you to pace yourself in ways average people cannot. You can keep control when others lose it. This suggests the capacity for sustained effort on your part which may manifest in a natural athletic ability. Your relationships, which tend to be long lasting, are easy going. There is an accent on leadership and masculinity.

Sun Sextile Mars (orb: 03 51')

You love whatever is new or different, and breakthrough flashes of original insight are typical. You could invent something, and you have a natural love for communication and new-age technology. You appreciate independence and originality in others, especially in a partner, and may tend to have unusual friends who are very likely male. You like to keep things spontaneous.

Sun Conjunction Uranus (orb: 05 02')

You have an uncanny sense of justice coupled with an innate ability to interpret the law, whether manmade or natural. This may manifest thru your showing others the way thru, or beyond, the problems in their lives. A practical sense of how to manipulate the opportunities that appear in life. Just plain luck! A natural love for those with more experience or authority. A teacher, or benefactor, is likely.

Sun Trine Jupiter (orb: 05 29')

You are attractive and tend to be physically active. You just might participate in or manage some athletic endeavor. You are in tune with your feelings and really know how to play a crowd for the maximum response. You can always count on support from those around you. You seldom hide how you feel and therefore are no stranger to an occasional argument. You probably got a lot of emotional support as a child, especially from your mother.

Moon Trine Mars (orb: 05 35')

Report for Donald Trump
Challenges in your relationships

You are torn between the impulse to stand on your own feet, and a need to be cared for and nurtured. Your independent streak may be ashamed of the need on your part for love and affection. It's a no win situation. This could also be re-enforced by a mother and father who may have worked at cross purposes. The resulting tension will have to be dealt with gradually and methodically.

Moon Opposition Sun (orb: 01 44')

You are a real dreamer but can't always manage to put your vision into words. You may occasionally be accused of cloudy thinking and of letting your imagination run wild. There is a likelihood that you frequently get yourself into situations in which you are disappointed, or disappoint others. Some clear thinking on your part could prevent others from getting the feeling that you are intentionally misleading them. You may have trouble paying attention, keeping your mind on what you are doing.

Mercury Square Neptune (orb: 03 01')

You are unconventional, at the expense of your own popularity. You did not care to follow in the footsteps of a traditional upbringing, and you may have left some very disappointed parents behind as you set out on your own. Independence and originality for you have been almost a private thing. You have sought it out despite the occasional disapproval of the status-quo. You may be restless and move around a lot. Your desire for personal freedom has always gone against the majority.

Moon Opposition Uranus (orb: 03 18')

Report for Donald Trump
Your Relationship with Vladimir Putin

You find Vladimir supportive when it comes to matters of your career. He understands where you are headed and how it is best to go about developing your practical and vocational side. With his help, you can make great strides in your managerial ability. He has an instinctual sense of your capabilities (of what you would do best) and he can't help but nurture you in these matters. He might be instrumental in getting you out of the closet and into the public eye.

His Moon in Your Tenth House

Vladimir is, above all, very supportive. If you have been looking for a genuine response to your special qualities, this should be it. Upon meeting him, you felt an instant trust and enjoyed a rare sense of security. He responds to you with warmth and appreciates who you are. It's the next best thing to having a mother! he may have a beneficial effect on your finances and resources too. He has a real instinct for handling money. In addition, other financial benefits may come to you through Vladimir.

His Sun in Your Second House

He is a talker, and you're no slouch yourself. When the two of you get together there is little room for anyone else in the conversation. You both connected intellectually and mentally from the very beginning and seem to have a world of things to discuss. When you can't get together, you may talk on the phone or write voluminous letters to one another. Communication is so strong between you that it is possible for you to team up and collaborate on writing or speaking projects. Take the show on the road.

His Mercury in Your Third House

Here is a real admirer of your mind and mental qualities. Above all he loves to share ideas with you, whether by phone, letter, or in person. There is endless chatter when you two get together. This relationship could find you waxing very eloquent and becoming downright creative. You might feel that your ideas and thoughts are worth writing down after being with him. He probably laughs at all your jokes and even dotes on the poetry you write.

His Venus in Your Third House

Any relationship with Vladimir is going to have real emotional overtones. He has a knack for getting you right in the pit of your stomach. It will never be dull, but it's not likely to be tranquil either. He has real opinions, and tends to push you to declare yourself and to send out roots. There is a drive to get you to settle down and make a home. He has a lot of energy behind this thought. It may be just what you need to stop postponing the domestic scene. He is a real experience.

His Mars in Your Fourth House

Vladimir may be a real leader or inspired teacher for you. Through him you may discover a more philosophical and religious side of yourself. You respect his integrity and judgment, and have no trouble following his lead, because he is always fair and knows the right way to handle things. You may have long walks and long talks. Traveling somewhere together would be ideal. He tends to open up your mind to new horizons, perspectives, and possibilities.

His Jupiter in Your Ninth House

This could be an expensive relationship, for Vladimir can't help but put your resources to the test. He may not value you to the degree that you would like him to, or he may not respond to what you feel are your better qualities. This can leave you feeling cold and disappointed. The charm that others may find intriguing is wasted on him. This is not to say that this will not be a worthwhile relationship, but it will not be supportive in any normal sense of that word.

His Saturn in Your Second House

Vladimir has the capacity for introducing you to radically new goals and groups of people. Perhaps through him you will meet a whole new set of friends, or be part of a group working on a new-age project. You may come to have a completely new idea of your fellow man, of brotherhood, and all of that stuff. He has radical ways of seeing things. All this may come as quite a surprise to you and may upset the traditional apple cart. He is anything but boring.

His Uranus in Your Eleventh House

No matter how dreamily far-out this relationship feels, it could have a very real quality if it extends to your finances or resources. Vladimir is an idealist of the first water and may not have the practical experience needed to make decisions involving money and property. He has the very best intentions, but you could experience a sense of loss through him. Better to enjoy his company and let the loss be all the petty details of life, rather than some real investments.

His Neptune in Your Second House

He may exercise an enormous influence on how you view your role in life. Your whole idea of what you are here for and what it is to be human may be transformed. Vladimir has a way of separating the wheat from the chaff and getting right to the heart of things. Through knowing him, you may find yourself going through deep changes in attitude, discovering more compassion, self-sacrifice, and patience. He will put you in touch with the saint in yourself.

His Pluto in Your Twelfth House

Report for Donald Trump
Strengths in your relationship with Vladimir Putin

You both probably love music, theater, and -- above all -- the movies. He finds you very supportive when it comes to his dreams and fantasies. You probably find it easy to get lost together in any of a number of imaginative activities. You tend to get emotionally very clear and high when the two of you are together.

Your Moon Sextile His Neptune (orb: 00 02')

You understand his need for analysis and self-examination, and probably have helped him thru many deep changes. You are really tuned in and sympathetic with this need for transformation on his part. He puts you through a lot of changes too, but you love it.

Your Sun Sextile His Pluto (orb: 00 13')

He has a way with words which you find flattering and interesting, since the subject is often you. He enjoys talking to you and may also write you letters. You find him stimulating mentally, and communication is most often smooth.

Your Sun Trine His Mercury (orb: 00 15')

This could be a very physically satisfying relationship, one with lots of action and good emotional exchange. Work hard; play hard. You may have a healthy sense of competition, since you both tend to urge the other to greater heights. Sports or exercise could be important.

Your Mars Trine His Mars (orb: 00 15')

He looks to you for support for his need for self-analysis and emotional probing. You probably have spent many a late night helping him through a change or two. You find his intensity workable, and you don't mind that he puts you through some emotional changes of your own.

Your Moon Trine His Pluto (orb: 01 31')

You understand, and are in sympathy with, his dreams and ideals, which is very important to him. There is a sense of shared vision, and you probably both like the same movies. His imagination complements yours. He may tend to idealize you.

Your Sun Trine His Neptune (orb: 01 46')

He finds you very supportive and easy to talk to. Vladimir has a knack for understanding how you feel about something, putting your feelings into words that make sense to you. You might find yourself encouraging mental pursuits on his part -- writing, speaking, communications.

Your Moon Sextile His Mercury (orb: 01 59')

You can see and understand where he is coming from. You like his sense of values, and aren't afraid to tell him about it. He values you for your mentality and skill with words. He likes the way you think.

Your Mercury Trine His Venus (orb: 02 51')

Vladimir is probably adept at putting some of your ambitions into words. You can see that he understands your feelings and what motivates you. This makes for many highly spirited exchanges.

Your Mars Sextile His Mercury (orb: 03 36')

This is a good working relationship. Vladimir tends to bring a real sense of discipline and order into your life. You feel like making a sustained effort when you are with him. You can't help but support his sense for organization and order.

Your Moon Sextile His Saturn (orb: 03 44')

This could be a very active and intense relationship. You find that you are always pushing him to face himself, putting him through changes. He probably finds this exciting. There is a strong magnetic attraction to all of this. This could be a good business combination, if caution is exercised.

Your Mars Conjunction His Pluto (orb: 04 03')

Emotions run high with the two of you, but mostly it's very healthy. There is a strong magnetism. He finds you very supportive when it comes to his feelings and emotions. This is probably a very active relationship. He tends to push you on to be a real provider.

Your Moon Conjunction His Mars (orb: 05 19')

This could be a real working relationship. Vladimir has an organizing effect on you, and brings discipline and good sense to any project the two of you engage in. Although somewhat cool and conservative, this has every sign of being a very durable relationship.

Your Sun Trine His Saturn (orb: 05 28')

You value his independent ways. You love how he is often surprising you, and doing new things to get your attention. You always respond with warmth and appreciation. You feel that he values your ideals, knowing they are unique.

Your Venus Conjunction His Uranus (orb: 07 20')

This is an easygoing relationship with plenty of give and take on both sides and very little friction. There is a tendency to identify with one another, and you both have a great deal in common.

Your Sun Trine His Sun (orb: 08 60')

Report for Donald Trump
Challenges in your relationship with Vladimir Putin

You don't like the way he thinks and expresses himself. You just don't appreciate many of the things he says to you. This bugs him, and he may insist on going against your own set of values.

Your Venus Square His Mercury (orb: 02 34')

You may tend to ignore Vladimir's feelings, resulting in arguments and clashes of wills. Your relationship tends to run hot and cold, but when you're hot you are very good friends. There may be some hard feelings between you.

Your Sun Opposition His Mars (orb: 03 35')

There is this sense of the unrealistic. He may feel that you don't value his ideals and don't support his dreams. You may find him unrealistic and may not appreciate "escapism" on his part.

Your Venus Square His Neptune (orb: 04 34')

There may be some problems in communication. You may find it difficult to talk with Vladimir, or attempts at communication end up in a standstill. His attitude and manner may leave you feeling frustrated, unable to communicate.

Your Mercury Square His Sun (orb: 05 04')

Heavy feelings and emotional drama will be a part of this relationship. You may feel that he refuses to support your life ambitions. You may find yourself hurting his feelings again and again. A stormy friendship.

Your Mars Square His Moon (orb: 06 08')

Timing could be off between the two of you. Your drive and ambition fail to link up with his ideas of career and success. You may feel that he is not a good decision-maker and tends to squander your assets.

Your Mars Square His Jupiter (orb: 07 02')

Report for Vladimir Putin
How You Approach Relationships

You, who are so power oriented and commanding in tone, have a greater need than most for love relationships. Who would guess that you like your lovers anything but aggressive? You need your lovers to be accepting, even at the risk of being on the dull side. Your relationships tend to be long-term, conservative, and quite stable. Your partners often have money, property, and tend to be quite possessive of your attention. Your emotions run deep and you can be fiercely jealous. You bury yourself in your relationships. Only your lover knows how vulnerable you really are.

Taurus on 7th Cusp

With you, good looks count a lot. You like partners who are charming, refined, and appreciate the better things in life. You may depend on them for appreciation and love, and you probably share the same set of values. They tend to dote on you, and you like it that way.

Venus Ruler of 7th

Without a partner your career may tend to flounder, so it's not likely you will live the single life for long. With you, it's a question of getting in a good relationship and then concentrating on being a success story, and not vice versa. You need a partner that will cheer you on in your work, or at the very least not stand in your way. There is also a tendency to attract people of some stature as friends, with the result that you tend to know the top professionals in your field or social group.

Jupiter in 7th House

Report for Vladimir Putin
Strengths in your relationships

Very sensitive areas of conversation that might intimidate most (taboo subjects, etc.) don't bother you at all. You always persevere and keep right on investigating. You are expert at getting straight to the heart of things, and would make a super sleuth, or researcher. The deeper a secret is buried, the more likely it is that you will turn it up. And when it comes to money, sex, and other highly charged issues, pity anyone who tries to manipulate you. That's your bailiwick, and there are very few who can stand to argue with you.

Mercury Sextile Pluto (orb: 00 27')

You have a fantastic imagination and are somehow tuned into what we all dream of at the deepest levels. The dream worlds, the more eternal thoughts of mankind, come easy for you, and you would be a convincing speaker on occult, metaphysical, and religious subjects. The way you talk about the intuitive and imaginative realms is very moving to others. You are able to put into words the sense of unity that we all know exists in the world but can't always keep in mind. You could be a fine poet or musician, especially a composer.

Mercury Conjunction Neptune (orb: 02 01')

When it comes to self-expression, you are a natural and can always put what you feel into words. Your mind is quick and tends not to get bogged down in emotional issues. You would do well in any of the communication fields, and are an excellent speaker. People find it easy to get a sense for a subject when you put it into words. You write well.

Mercury Sextile Mars (orb: 03 21')

A real love of science and natural laws. You are a hard and tireless worker with absolute determination and the ability to carry great projects through to completion. Always the protector to all those you come to know, you tend to have long and secure relationships. Since you are a natural conservative, those older than yourself (authority figures) tend to benefit you.

Sun Conjunction Saturn (orb: 03 32')

You have always had a drive to delve into the unknown. The cosmos has real trouble keeping secrets from you once you have made your mind up to investigate. You have great perseverance and staying power. You work well in a crisis; emergencies of all kinds find you on the spot, ready to test your mettle. You are brave -- and unafraid of death or people. You do well with investments, property, and other people's money. You have very little sense of propriety and tend to call a spade a spade. You like to get your hands in the real stuff of life, blood and all.

Mars Trine Pluto (orb: 03 48')

You can't help but think in an organized way, and you are a stickler for routine. You love it. You probably have a scientific bent, for your analytical abilities are first rate. You love first principles and getting down to the bare bones of a subject. Mathematics and all things technological are a snap for you. You have great mental endurance and probably have done more than your share of studying. So serious.

Mercury Conjunction Saturn (orb: 05 43')

You value independence in others, especially a lover. They must have some unique quality for you to take an interest. Your taste in friends runs to the unconventional. You appreciate variety in all things and are delighted when a partner comes up with a new and different way to get your attention. You don't like to be tied down. You probably have a penchant for inventions, electronics, and new-age technology.

Venus Trine Uranus (orb: 06 42')

You have a sense of the extraordinary and wonderful about you. People sense that you have an insight into the larger picture, and you can communicate this idea of unity to a group. You are great at working with images, whether psychological, artistic, or cinematic. You probably love movies and music, anything with a grand theme or gesture. You are not just another dreamer. You can put your imagination to work. Your partner may have to work overtime to live up to your ideal of him/her, and to keep you down to earth and away from woolgathering. You need someone who loves to explore the dreamy psychological underside of life. You see beneath the surface of things.

Sun Conjunction Neptune (orb: 07 14')

You communicate with consummate skill, and it is stimulating just being with you. Your high degree of mental concentration makes you an excellent student, able to excel in speaking, writing, and all types of communication skills. You appreciate a partner who is eager to listen to you and supports what you have to say.

Sun Conjunction Mercury (orb: 09 15')

Report for Vladimir Putin
Challenges in your relationships

You may be somewhat of a rebel, with a history of going up against authority. You like to stand alone -- an outrider at the fringe of society -- like the old-time outlaws. You have a knack for separating yourself from the herd. You end up as the loner, although this is not always what you want. You need a partner in this life, a go-between for you and the status quo.

Sun Square Uranus (orb: 04 28')

Everyone can testify to your brilliant mind, but most would also find you somewhat erratic and unpredictable. You don't always have the follow-through you pretend to have. You tend to change your mind in the middle of a project and go rushing off in some new direction. You are to some degree the victim of your own whims. You have trouble finding practical uses for your plentiful insights.

Mercury Square Uranus (orb: 04 47')

Report for Vladimir Putin
Your Relationship with Donald Trump

You can benefit a lot from the support of this person. If you stop and think about it, you couldn't imagine a much more perfect response from the cosmos to yourself than you find in Donald. For one, he is almost totally supportive of you, warts and all. And there is every reason to believe that he could aid you financially, as well as friendship-wise. Good things could happen with and through him. Here is a real opportunity for you to take hold and develop your resources. This is fertile soil for many things.

His Moon in Your Second House

Whether he has conventional good looks and manners or not, Donald has true magnetic appeal for you. Conventions go out the window and there it is, right in front of you. He has a way of cutting through any reservations you might have and exposing even your most secret thoughts. There is no use pretending you are anything other than you are. There can be no secrets between you. All this can be very stimulating. He may be able to serve as a key to some important investment or other financial arrangement. You might inherit money through him.

His Sun in Your Eighth House

Here is someone you could talk to all night. Discussions almost always transcend the mundane and get right into the reality of things. You may not have thought you liked this kind of metaphysical conversation before meeting Donald. There is an almost religious quality to them. You may tend to look to him as some kind of authority or guide in matters of the spirit. These tend to be memorable conversations.

His Mercury in Your Ninth House

He values the more philosophical side of you, and it is hard for you not to end up in the role of teacher in this relationship. You find yourself in long discussions that may be as much monologues on your part as anything else. Not everybody thinks of you as a philosopher and sage. Not a bad experience. Donald is interested in your long-term goals, inner vision, and moral principles. You might enjoy traveling together.

His Venus in Your Ninth House

Donald is on a one-person campaign to bolster your career and public image. He seems to know which way you are headed and wants to give you a boost in that direction. He is very ambitious when it comes to your career and is always pushing to improve your prospects. Although this can be tiresome, and you may not always be in the mood for improvement, it is mostly beneficial. He really does know what he is doing.

His Mars in Your Tenth House

He will have a very strong psychological effect on you, particularly in regard to the way you live your personal life. High ideals and humanitarian sentiments are fine, but Donald has the ability to lead you to putting these thoughts to work on a day-to-day level. Through him you may learn how to really forgive one another, how to let barbs and harsh words roll off your back. He can put you in touch with goals more important than money or recognition -- internal happiness and self-respect.

His Jupiter in Your Twelfth House

You are going to have to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to matters of truth or morality, for Donald will tolerate nothing but a straight gate. You will tow the line. He could be a great help to you in separating the wheat from the chaff from among your many philosophies or grand ideas. On the other hand, you could get the idea that you are immoral just because you don't happen to be as strict as he is. It may be difficult to travel.

His Saturn in Your Ninth House

Donald is very direct. He seems to cut to the very heart of a situation, which sometimes leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable. Yet time spent with him can be terribly exciting. You find yourself wanting to get rid of a lot of excess social baggage when you two are together. You may tend to spend a lot of time alone due to the very sensitive and open relationship you share. He may be able to lead you into making some very shrewd and innovative business deals.

His Uranus in Your Eighth House

Your friends may find Donald enchanting. He brings an almost otherworldly quality into your friendships, partly due to his strong idealism and eloquence. He could have the effect of uniting a group around their common center of interest. Music and the arts come to the fore. At times you may feel this relationship has an unreal quality to it, that it lacks all sense of practicality.

His Neptune in Your Eleventh House

A different kind of teacher. Donald tends to view life and philosophy just the way you do. He may take the lead when it comes to introducing you to new ideas and getting rid of worthless pipe dreams. He is an intellectual challenge, and does not hesitate to throw ideas of yours out the window that he finds not to the point. You will seldom find someone who is as intellectually aggressive, a kind of mental purgative. He can change your basic philosophy of life.

His Pluto in Your Ninth House

Report for Vladimir Putin
Strengths in your relationship with Donald Trump

You find it easy to talk to (sometimes at) Donald, and you think about him a lot. He encourages you mentally, and may support some communication project you are involved in -- speaking, writing, etc.

Your Mercury Trine His Sun (orb: 00 15')

This could be a very physically satisfying relationship, one with lots of action and good emotional exchange. Work hard; play hard. You may have a healthy sense of competition, since you both tend to urge the other to greater heights. Sports or exercise could be important.

Your Mars Trine His Mars (orb: 00 15')

Donald likes talking and communicating with you. You have a knack for bringing out the best in him, making it easy for him to say what's on his mind. He feels your genuine support and enjoys what he finds himself saying and thinking in your presence. He knows that he can speak his mind when he is with you.

Your Mercury Sextile His Moon (orb: 01 59')

You find Donald's way of thinking and speaking just to your taste. You have a natural sense of appreciation for his mind and the way he communicates. He has a knack for putting your own ideals and values into words. You probably have fantastic conversations.

Your Venus Trine His Mercury (orb: 02 51')

You both probably love music, theater, and -- above all -- the movies. He finds you very supportive when it comes to his dreams and fantasies. You probably find it easy to get lost together in any of a number of imaginative activities. You tend to get emotionally very clear and high when the two of you are together.

Your Moon Trine His Neptune (orb: 02 56')

Donald may be one of your most valuable assets and have a great influence on your career and life direction. Through his support you may succeed in finding solutions to many a problem. You work well together and would make good partners.

Your Sun Conjunction His Jupiter (orb: 03 31')

He is a real driving wheel for you when it comes to your writing and speaking skills. He can push you to be more articulate, even eloquent, than would otherwise be the case. Conversations with Donald are always wordy and animated, at least from your end. You may find it easy to put his feelings into words.

Your Mercury Sextile His Mars (orb: 03 36')

You understand his need for analysis and self-examination, and probably have helped him thru many deep changes. You are really tuned in and sympathetic with this need for transformation on his part. He puts you through a lot of changes too, but you love it.

Your Sun Sextile His Pluto (orb: 03 53')

You both have an understanding that he is a little different and likes his independence. This is not a problem. He brings some excitement and adventure to your life, and may be restless and on the go. He may introduce you to unusual friends and situations.

Your Sun Trine His Uranus (orb: 03 58')

Conversations with Donald are always interesting, and he stimulates you to new and different ways of seeing things. He finds your mind fascinating and unusual. You may introduce him to new ideas and concepts.

Your Mercury Trine His Uranus (orb: 05 17')

Donald is very supportive of your ambitions and drive. He urges you on to perform at your very best. There is a lot of energy between you, and this could be a very productive relationship for you both.

Your Mars Conjunction His Moon (orb: 05 19')

The two of you love to talk, and it's often about his career or life direction. You are able to describe options to guide him to sound decisions. This could be a good business relationship too. Legal matters would benefit.

Your Mercury Conjunction His Jupiter (orb: 05 43')

You understand, and are in sympathy with, his dreams and ideals, which is very important to him. There is a sense of shared vision, and you probably both like the same movies. His imagination complements yours. He may tend to idealize you.

Your Sun Conjunction His Neptune (orb: 08 05')

This is an easygoing relationship with plenty of give and take on both sides and very little friction. There is a tendency to identify with one another, and you both have a great deal in common.

Your Sun Trine His Sun (orb: 08 60')

Report for Vladimir Putin
Challenges in your relationship with Donald Trump

He is critical of your ideas, and you may feel somewhat tongue-tied when you are around him. He may feel that you refuse to consider his problems or that you dismiss them with a few words.

Your Mercury Square His Saturn (orb: 00 38')

You can't appreciate his continual need for self-analysis and confrontation. He never seems happy unless he has reduced every meeting to its lowest common denominator. He may go against all that you hold dear, and drag you through scene after scene. A problem.

Your Venus Square His Pluto (orb: 01 40')

He doesn't appreciate the way your mind works. Your words are wasted on him. You may find yourself being mentally critical of his ideals and sense of values. He doesn't like the way you think.

Your Mercury Square His Venus (orb: 02 34')

The two of you may tend to get very emotional, and you could clash over many issues. He may feel that he doesn't get enough support from you, and that you are pushy and aggressive. You may not feel like pouring a lot of energy into his needs and demands.

Your Mars Opposition His Sun (orb: 03 35')

He may not always think highly of you and is not afraid to let you know when this is the case. You may sometimes tend to discount what he says and squelch communication. You don't always like what he thinks.

Your Sun Square His Mercury (orb: 05 04')

There are a lot of hurt feelings in this relationship. Argument and power struggles are to be expected. You tend to ignore, or not be sufficiently supportive of, Donald's feelings. He can't help but get in digs at you on a regular basis.

Your Moon Square His Mars (orb: 06 08')

You may find his influence limiting and even oppressive at times. He may tend to cling to you, and there is this sense of never being able to really get going. There may be authority problems. He may view you as harsh or restrictive.

Your Sun Square His Saturn (orb: 09 53')



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