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This sample numerology reading analyzes the Birth date, Life path, and Full Name of the Celebrity, with the assumption that we can change our destiny by understanding the influences of our name; an influence not necessarily part of our Birth Destiny. And just the way we can change our name, or, become aware of the influence of our name, we can therefore rise above any negative effect, and learn to accent the positive. This analysis does not include any spelling changes that might have improved Robin Williams' life. (after the fact is too late).

Robin Williams Name Analysis

This sample Numerology Name Analysis Reading for Robin Williams analyzes Robin Williams Birth date, life path, and his full name. Comedian and actor Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951 at 1:34 pm in Chicago, Il.

First Name: Robin 6/7/4
The name is caring, nurturing, supportive, sensitive, prone to worry about security, money, and others. This quality is beneficent, needs a daily routine, in fact, needs everything kept in a routine; in the same place (could even like his underwear ironed), but likes to struggle about everything, is easily frustrated, finds it difficult to find peace when things keep changing, essentially, he chose a life of daily frustration and struggle. He would even find his body hair irritating, and his weight the measurement of his frustration; weight gain when he is depressed, and weight loss when he is happy (or reversed).

Family Name: Williams 1/7/8
The family name is independent, self promoting, materialistic, always striving for accumulation, wealth; what he can get out of it.

Full Name: Robin Williams = 7/5/3
Robin Williams' full name makes him fun, sensitive, prone to drugs, or alcohol; is easily influenced, suffers escapist tendencies; is intuitive; a party animal; an entertainer, even a singer; is emotionally creative, but needs to learn to balance his emotions, as they are easily up and down, and then gets depressed; needs everything to be fun - or he can't even get out of bed.

Robin Williams: Birth Date Analysis: July 21, 1951 7/3/7= 8
Robin Williams' Birth Date adds up to an eight life path. An eight is one of the most fortunate life paths. It rules the ability to defer emotional desires (like having children) in order to work on practical matters such as manifesting money. An eight life path is the ability to think it, and it becomes so; the power to manifest; a materialistic striving; an intellectual genius; a channel for higher sources of inspiration - but all about intellect and money!

The influence of the month of July on Robin Williams would have made his early childhood (up to 27years old) very sensitive, yet creative; easily influenced by others; artistic and curious. He would need a strong disciplinary guidance to keep him on track.

The day of his birth the 21st reduces to a three, and from 27-54 years old he would be learning about the three energy, which is about how to make the emotions optimistic, and to move forward after an emotional fall. Therefore after the age of 27 years old he would be hit with very emotional depressive tendencies, but also the highest creativity, and prone to partying, drinking and drugs, with emotional ups and downs, leading to moody heights of ecstatic states of creative inspiration, followed by equal periods of depression. After the age of 54 years old the year of his birth would kick in, 1951 which reduces to a seven; and the increased sensitivity would return, with the escapist tendencies, and being easily influenced by others as well as psychic forces. He would be forced to recall his childhood (1-27 years old) period, reliving the past, and trying to cope with the creative urge to be happier. The seven in mathematics is a number that requires personal experience in order to understand and handle it, therefore no outside help would be available other than inside; a spiritual searching, followed with uncertainty - great faith is needed now to understand these inner uncertain influences.

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