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Astrology: What is a Midpoint?

The use of midpoints historically goes back to 1200 AD when Guido Bonati, a famous Italian Astrologer, used half sums, otherwise known as midpoints, in his interpretation of a chart. More recently at the turn of the century, Alan Leo, a famous American Astrologer, used midpoints along with solar arc directions. I personally have no knowledge of the use of midpoints combined with the 90-degree dial prior to its use by Rhinehold Ebertin and Alfred Whitte at the beginning of the Nineteen Hundreds. The history of solar arcs on the other hand, goes back to Ptolemy who used primary directions in the second century. 

A midpoint is the center between any two points, which in Astrology relates to the center between two planets and/or personal points, including the Midheaven, Ascendant, and the Nodes. This center point is the meeting of planetary energies that becomes active through the process of growth, relating to the passage of time. We relate to the aspects formed by the heavenly bodies through spatial relationship.

This system as I mentioned earlier goes back to Rhinehold Ebertin who, near the turn of the century developed this system along with Alfred Whitte by taking a 360-degree wheel and breaking it down into a 90-degree dial. Ebertin believed that hard aspects created events in one's life thus; the use of the 90-degree dial became a viable tool for forecasting future events. Ebertin started by placing the planets into three sections -- 30 degrees for Cardinal Positions which include: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn points; 30 degrees for Fixed Positions which include: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius points; and 30 degrees for Mutable Positions which include: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces points.

This system can be seen on the 90 degree dial as 0 to 30 degrees as Cardinal, 30 to 60 degrees Fixed and 60 to 90 degrees as Mutable positions for the planetary points to be placed in accordance of their quality.

Astrology: How to Use this System

This system can be used to add great insight into the interpretations of the natal chart through the use of delineation of transits, progressions, solar arcs and degree arcs. In fact it can be used in almost any interpretive form of astrology where timing is added into the equation. Timing is where this type of Astrology becomes very precise and accurate.

The best way to use this system is to incorporate the natal midpoint along with the time that its energy becomes activated by directing the planets into the future. This is done by Solar Arc, which is the distance it takes for the Sun to move from one day to the next at the time of one's birth, which is approximately 59' to 1 degree 2', which is then added to the age in question. We can also use degree arcs, known as age arcs, which is equivalent to one degree equals one year, times the number of years old you are now and/or when the specific event in question occurred. It may sound difficult, but it's not once you become familiar with this system of delineation.

When using this tool you will notice that I have included health interpretations along with dietary issues, which often come up when there is a lack of good nutrition or assimilation of nutrients. This can be seen easily through the activation of the natal midpoints on the 90-degree dial. Thus, I included medical interpretations in most of the midpoint structures.

Each midpoint structure has many meanings, so I have narrowed it down to the most important interpretation of each of them based upon my years of past experience. These interpretations are done in the higher and lower, or shadow manifestations. We are all on the earth plane of existence, thus no matter how enlightened we may seem, we still have to deal with our shadow. Many midpoints include births, health areas and transitions and only a part of what is said may apply to you personally. But on the other hand the whole interpretation may apply. I have included the positive and negative side of each of these midpoints so as to reach all probable outcomes.

Many times there will be others who are read through one's personal chart, since these people become the players in one's personal movie. These players include midpoints with:

Moon = Mother and the Feminine principal
Saturn = Father/Business Associates, masculine principal
Mercury/Mars = Brothers and Male Relatives
Mercury/Venus = Sisters and Female Relatives
Sun/Node = Children
Venus/Uranus = Female Friends
Mars/Uranus = Male Friends
Jupiter = Grandparents

Astrology: Your Birth Chart: Midpoint Combinations

The natal midpoints represent our birth traits, our strengths, weaknesses and potential for personal growth. Each midpoint could involve others who are part of our life's path. Thus, a natal midpoint may apply to family and friends as opposed to the energy being directed to the self. Likewise, the medical influences and health issues mentioned are often manifest by others in our lives as opposed to the self. The possible medical problems, as well as the "shadow side" of a midpoint may never become an active manifestation of the midpoint's energy when addressed early.

Keep an open mind when reading the interpretations of a midpoint since they are geared to both the higher and lower manifestations of the energy, and be aware that medical references should not be treated as a diagnosis. Psychological or physical symptoms or problems should be directed to the appropriate professional for diagnosis and evaluation. The timing of the events indicated by these natal midpoints are activated by progressions, directions and finally transits as the final touch off point sometime in the future.  

Relationships include almost any midpoint, which involves the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars combined with the personal points, Asc, Mc, Moon and Node and always be aware of the rulerships of these positions.

(This is the text from the supplement of terms and concepts included with the Midpoint Keys Report created from the author, Laura DesJardins.)

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