Numerology: Eight Cycle Year

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Eight Cycle Year.

"Eight signifies good." - Swedenborg A.R. 739

The Eight Cycle Year is the harvest year when we reap on previous efforts. It is the time to accomplish through organization, logic and orderly thinking. It is a successful period when you feel confident, with leadership abilities.

The eight year is the time to produce and continue to work hard. To take advantage of opportunities. To reap on previous investments by selling at a profit.

In the plant stage this is the time that the fruit appears and begins to develop - an accumulation of the bitter and the sweet.

Here we must take our own measure - to cultivate the personality with an honest evaluation of our motives. Self cultivation - beyond natural man. The right use of our intellect shows that we are a vehicle - this is the transformation of personality.

We have mastered our passions and desires by wise selection and means to satisfy our desires. This reflects in an improvement in our mind and manners. We have learned to tame the desires through love and can rise above them and control the body, mind, and emotions by suggestion.

It is our expansion of consciousness that makes for increasing control over our personality - through the discriminating power of intellect.

number eightNow there is a real courage to be and do what we want. A time when we can look forward with confidence to achieving all of our objectives goals because we have learned by changing the patterns which changes the results.

A time to recreate self, to establish the patterns of the new creature. Mans intellectual ability is memory - it requires personal planning to participate in the great work. The desire to be of service.

Beneficence is the only adequate motive to advance. Through a combination of reason and imagination the intellect shapes the future form by a gradual structural and chemical change.

At this stage suggestion works via affirmations. And affirmations only work if they call up the feeling and you have an image to focus and project them on.

So lets call in our "future self image" by its feeling. At this stage your image should strengthen with affirmations - so lets do it. Ready, I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, young, slim, beautiful, successful, prosperous, wealthy, healthy, harmonious and happy - feel it? - add it to your feeling. There!

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