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Astrology Reports

The Best Astrology Reports

AstroTalk, TimeLine, Daywatch Calendars, Friends & Lovers, plus Mini-Reports are all available.

Delivered By Email, Same-Day Service (CAD$ Tax Included) usually within the hour) (Please add to your safe email list.)

Natal Charts All Reports (Except Mini-Reports and Calendars) Include a FREE Designer Natal Chart!

These Astrology Reports are professionally prepared & checked for accuracy by Clayten Tylor, personally.

Astro*Talk $10.

Astrological Natal Reports* Purchase Astro*Talk Natal Report, and get a FREE Designer Wheel
* Buy both AstroTalk & TimeLine Reports for $20.

The Astro*Talk Natal Report is a 'personality' report. If you never get another Natal report, this is the one to have, and if you're just entering the world of astrology, you'll want this report FIRST - it's the beginning of a whole new world of self-understanding.

TimeLine $13.

Timeline horoscope reports

* Purchase a One-Year Timeline, and get a Designer Wheel FREE!
* Buy both AstroTalk & TimeLine Reports for $20.

The One year TimeLine Transit & Progression Horoscope Reports is a great tool for planning your day to day activities. After you've come to understand your natal chart, the next thing you'll ask is: what's happening now, and what's in my future? This is where you'll find the answers. Available in 12, and 24 and 36 Months format. Order you Horoscope Reports

Friends & Lovers $15.

Friends & Lovers Compatibility Report

* Purchase a Compatibility Report, and get Two Designer Wheels FREE!
PLUS add Two AstroTalk Reports for $30. and/or two One-year Timeline Reports for $50..

The Friends & Lovers Compatibility Astrology Report is the ultimate in self-empowerment. This report is available tailored specifically for lovers, or for just friends and associates - you pick the version you most want to find out about.pleasant events that may occur. You will appreciate the practical information this Horoscope Reports Calendar puts at your fingertips.

Designer Natal Charts (Free with any report

(Does not include the Calendars or Mini-Reports - $10.CAD without a Report)

Free Astrology Natal Birth Chart
* Purchase an Astrology Report and get your choice of a Designer Wheel FREE!

Birth Charts no longer need to be boring! These Designer Wheels are High Quality PDF Chart Wheels with spectacular graphics that you can frame, or print on 8.5x11, Posters, T-Shirts, etc. Several designs available.

Astrology Calendars $15.

Daywatch Astrology Calendar ReportWeekly Astrological Calendar Available in two frormats: a Weekly (Diary) or Monthly Calendar Personalized Calendars include a Symbol Key Chart.

The Daywatch Astrological Calendars $30. are great for helping you take advantage of the opportunities coming your way; information that will help you avoid (or be prepared for) the less pleasant events that may occur. You will appreciate the practical information this Horoscope Reports Calendar puts at your fingertips.

Daywatch Details Report: $15.

Dayatch World Reports
* Purchase a DayWatch Details Forecast Interpretive Report and get a Astrological Symbol Key.

The DayWatch Details Reports provide both Transit to Transit (aspects that will be happening for everyone) as well as Transit to Natal Aspects (aspects that will be happening to only you). These reports also include Progressed Natal aspects, as well as Solar Arc Aspects. Available in Daily, aspects begining with the Sun (60 pgs.), OR, Hourly aspects begining with the Moon (300 pgs.)

Mini-Reports: (Tra-Tra Only)

All Mini-Reports are from Jan/1st/2022 - Dec/31st/2022. Five Time Zones.
No Birth Info is Needed, just Submit & Make your Payment (Mini-Reports do not include the free Birth Chart)

Void of Course Moon Report: $6.CAD (Tx. Inc.)

Void of Course Mon ReportsVoid of Course Mon Reports

(Includes Symbol Key on last Page of PDF)
Choice of Five Time Zones :

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Sample Void-Course-Moon

Mini-Calendar - Monthly Format (Tra to Tra Aspects) $6.

Daywatch Mini-Calendar Monthly Reports

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Sample Mini-Calendar


Monthly Calendar (Tra to Tra Aspects) Portrait Format $6.

Daywatch Mini-Calendar Monthly Reports

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Sample Monthly Calendar


Yearly Calendar - Weekly Diary Format $6.

(Transit to Transit Aspects) (Approximately 52 Pages)

Daywatch Mini-Calendar Monthly ReportsDaywatch Mini-Calendar Monthly Reports

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Sample Weekly Calendar

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