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...the origins of diseases are, in general, intemperance, luxury of various kinds, mere bodily pleasures, as also feelings of envy, hatred, revenge, lewdness, and the like, which destroy man's interiors; and when these are destroyed the exteriors suffer, and drag man into disease, and so into death. - Emanuel Swedenborg. A.C. 5712

Awareness of Mind Chatter brings Emotional Balance.

Emotions are the fuel that turn thoughts into vaporous substances that eventually manifest as events in our life. Awareness of our emotional level of consciousness blocks the unwanted desires from taking a hold over the present moment. By bringing our emotions into balance by awareness, transforms personality into a vessel - a vessel for higher wisdom.

  1. Our Desires: Our desires are a reflection of our inner life. Our inner life expands when our desires are more in tune with the cosmic will. Personal desires must become exhausted; not by the endless need to fulfill them, but by raising them from a selfish perspective to a more inclusive sense of Self.
  2. Our Philosophy: Our philosophy about life and its' purpose is the foundation of our desires. The more our desires are frustrated by their empty and incessant searching for fulfillment, the more our desires become a tool for consciousness building - desire become inspired - and inspiration opens the inner world of wholeness.

For most people life is a series of desire fulfillment's, with the eventual ultimate unconscious fulfillment being death - thereby sacrificing everything they worked so hard to obtain. Unless our desires are fulfilled in equal measure with the unfolding of an inner life, our desires will stay grounded in self-love and the emotional fuel to transform us from this separate state of knowingness is dissipated on purely selfish worldly goals.

  1. Life: Life is to be lived fully, and our desires are meant to be fulfilled, and once our desires are satisfied we should be able to grow out of them, and should be finished with them. But the habit and the affection for the memory of them, keep us locked into a pattern of repeating the same desires. When our philosophy expands, our inner life too expands and our selfish desires are transformed to become more inclusive.
  2. Death: The fear of death is the ultimate unconscious desire that keeps us all living. Were it not for the fear of death our desire for life would be more measured. Death makes life worth living, but preparing for death, or living life with it more fully in mind, would balance our selfish desiring and expand our understanding of life.
  3. Eternity: Concepts of eternity can help to balance our life and our fear of death. Living the eternal life now, lifts our desire into inspiration and our motivation for living becomes all inclusive.

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