Spiritual Awareness: Intuitive

Intuitive awareness

Awareness of The Intuitive Level.

The Intuitive level is a "purer" aspect of consciousness and is equally accessible to all. But to access it, we must leave our personality self behind, to put aside the fear and the want. This Intuitive level of consciousness is just our self, without the mind chatter, it is our True Self - and an Esoteric Astrologer can help you access this level of consciousness.

We are all intuited into being, and our bodies are held together by creative forces that repair and heal us, just by surrendering to it each night when we sleep. The more we understand this, the more aware we become of it's perfect operation.

Intuition is a flow into the interior sight from within.

As a reflection of Its' perfect order, we are imperfect. By transferring our sense of self from personality to the Central Self, we begin to experience Its' perfect operation.

Personality is created as a result of non-personal cosmic energies coming together, and the memory of that experience. That memory causes us to feel separate, which is a necessary illusion that enables is to develop a spiritual awareness.

Although the Intuitive level is a level of consciousness beyond personality, it is felt in the body as a 'feeling', similar to the feeling of caring more for others than the self. It is this 'feeling' combined with the understanding of It's perfect order, which signals to the body to heal, and awareness of It's perfect operation sets all things in order. An Esoteric Astrologer can help you reach this level of knowing.

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