Color Therapy

Color Healing

Mental, Emotional, & Physical Balancing using Color Healing

All the Astrological Signs are colors, and everything else that makes up a chart reading have a color symbolism - this is your Aura.

Your astrological chart describes you from head to toe - your desires, your talents, what's motivating you. The basis of horoscope analysis is to determine what is necessary to bring about a fulfilled but balanced life experience.

In Esoteric Astrology balance represents personality transmutation. (The "sense of self" transformed from one state of consciousness to another - from personality to the Higher Self, etc.) And color is one of the best tools for reaching deep into the unconsciousness to bring that transmutation about.

Color Balancing your Sun Sign and Moon Sign

  • The Sun Sign represents our Higher Self. It shows how our spiritual life develops, what we can become.
  • Its opposite sign indicates what is needed to bring our real potential into being.
  • The Moon Sign represents our emotional patterns of response. It shows our receptive development and conditioning that has formed our personality. Also, how our life's events are attracted to us, and how we encourage the patterns to repeat themselves.
  • Its opposite Sign indicates the attitude or response needed to bring balance.

sun moonEach Astrological Sign or color has both positive and negative qualities. Use your own judgment to determine what the imbalance is, by analyzing the symptoms and applying the mental and emotional correspondence to effect a cure. Just remember all physical conditions have a spiritual cause - and corresponding mind chatter.

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  • STEP #1 - Analyze the Physical Weakness: What area of your body is your weakest? (Usually the bodily area that your Sun Sign rules.) Or, what area of the body is giving you problems? 
  • STEP #2 - Analyze the Emotional Patterns: What is the emotional issue that that area of the body represents. What is the emotional issue of the opposite color or Sun Sign?
  • STEP #3 - Analyze the Intellectual Patterns: What are the thoughts that correspond to that area of the body? What is the opposite color and its corresponding balancing thoughts? 

After an honest appraisal of the above questions make a note and move onto the next step to bring the imbalance into harmony.

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