Color Healing: Projecting

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Color is both projective and magnetic.

Life is a mirror, and everything that we see or admire in others are qualities we already have within ourselves.

Everything in life is a "projection", a mirror of our inner self, a mirror of our fears, our insecurities etc. (E.g. It is said that our pupils dilate when we are interested in someone). So does that mean that we are reacting to the persons' aura or that we are projecting on them qualities they might not have.

We must ask ourselves, is life more valuable for the "lesson" the person offers or the experience with the person? - does one cause the other or do we attract it? When we project causal power on the person and the experience we not only blind ourselves to the real lesson but also avoid our own personality transformation. And if we can only see in others qualities we have within our self, how do we see someone as "new", without transforming our personality perspective.

To transmute personality we must imitate the Light, by acting as a radiating center and projecting the Love to others.

In fact, all of creation is said to be a reflection of the Divine or Higher Self. If that is the case then we should be able to see those qualities in all humans. But personality blocks clear perception by its' own karmic coloring, and without personality transformation life too is blocked of its Divine potential - the potential to see the Divine in others.

To clear personality of its' cloudy perception is the Great Work. The benefits also clear personality of its' identification with the body and its' self centered perspective - the cause of all misery and disease. But to accomplish this requires a leap of faith, the faith to project this knowingness out to others. It is in this projecting phase that clears personality of it's cloudy perspective.


  • Concentration : At this phase deep breathing and concentration go together. Deep rhythmic breathing is used to center yourself and keep you centered.
  • Meditation : Used to establish a connection to the source of power either intellectually (saying so) or emotionally (feeling as if). Establishing this connection is necessary to replenish the radiating energy used in projecting.
  • Visualization : Seeing the energy from your center (heart or head) radiating out to all of space - now feel the energy radiating out into space. Don't be too concerned that you don't see or feel it yet because you are creating a signal to the subconscious to begin to create these sensations for you.
  • Adoration : Feel "as if" the universe is reflecting back your projection and replenishing your love-supply. Play it up, jump for joy, whatever you can do to act gratuitous for the renewing supply.

For most color healing, projecting or pushing the radiating feeling outward is required. The effort of pushing seems to be the signal to the subconscious that clears the cloudy perceptions of personality. Keep up the practice because soon you will have aligned all your iron filings in your blood stream to face a certain direction of alignment that will eventually make you aware of your healing abilities.

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