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Color: Opposites Attract

Esoteric Color Balancing
Opposites Attract.

On the physical plane opposites attract, but on the spiritual plane, like attracts like and opposites repel.

On the physical plane everything we like or dislike is actually causing its opposite influence. The physical plane is a reflection of our total Self, and any strong dislike has a corresponding influence on our mental state. And since every mental state has its bodily correspondence, you can see how dis-ease can begin in a specific area of the body.

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Our Aura is the sum total of our personality, and it is the broadcast center for all of our experiences. And because we can only perceive others through our own aura coloring, it also colors all of our experiences.

In color balancing, we mentally recreate and redirect these broadcasting radiations, and thereby transmute personality and its outward circumstances.


  1. Concentration : Start by focusing on the Color of your Sun Sign. Surround yourself with its color, wear it, visualize it, and take notice of it in your environment.
  2. Meditation : Become aware of your response to color. Bring your response into full awareness. Does the color make you feel better? Does it make you feel optimistic? If not, don't use it - but find the color that does. (You don't need to know about color; what is important is that you become aware of your response to color, so you can use color to transmute weaknesses in personality.
  3. Visualization :Build a color image of your future self, emotionally perfect. At this stage you begin to know which colors make you confident, proud, loved, or randy. Colors become the means to call in the appropriate attitude or power to manifest your dreams.
  4. Adoration : Replace negative states of mind with your Color Image. Now, the "qualities" and "attitudes" that you admired in others, can be yours instantly, just by attuning with the color and "appreciating" it.  It is the appreciation of color that allows you to tap into its' individual strength and quality. 
For more on color balancing, combine the following color correspondences with the color wheel:
  • Seven Chakra Color Balancing : You awaken to the spiritual self (the seventh color) when this inner layer of the three primary colors, and the three secondary colors of the color wheel are balanced.  
  • Twelve Bodily Zone Color Balancing : The six color zones and their six complementary colors - the tertiary colors of the color wheel. 
  • Individual Bodily Zone Color Balancing : To heal a specific area of the body, first apply the color of the Signs ruler, and then decanate ruler color, followed by the exalted ruler color.

    (I do not intend to give a discourse on color - because it's about awareness, not color. There are many excellent web sites on color therapy. I just wanted to point out the simplicity of spiritual matters- for spiritual matters are truly simple - just like colors).

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