Spiritual Healing Techniques


Love is the Power To Heal

"The power to heal spiritually is just the power to get out-of-the-way, and to hold your focus of concentration on the object of your choice, and then - to let go!" — by Clayten W. Tylor

Becoming Clear:

Becoming clear is the first step to enable the cosmic forces to flow through you. You act as a conduit to bring the forces into focus. The forces are spiritual substances materialized and radiated out, whether through the hands, head or heart. The forces aren't ours, but their use is, and a Spiritual Astrologer can help you access them.

Receiving an Influx:

In Alchemy the first step to transformation is the discovery of the 'first matter' - awareness of this healing force.  Stress or tension is a necessary tool for discovering this first matter (or prana energy), for this energy is discovered within the tension and relaxation sensations in the body. To be able to relax fully at will is a necessary step in its' discovery. 


In healing, this force is concentrated and directed, and can feel like a pumping sensation as it flows. When concentrated and then directed, this energy is pumped using body tension, and then released through letting go. It is the letting go that determines the radiation. Some ways this energy or life force is experienced is through orgasm, shivers, sneezing etc. All are good examples of letting go which contributes to the strength of the radiation.

Most Spiritual Astrologers begin their healing technique with a short statement of purpose or a prayer. This helps to put the personality in its' proper position - a channel for healing, otherwise personality could identify with the life force as being coming from it. Prayer is an art and also requires the following:

  • Speaking Positive Words:
    Use positive thinking and direct 'power words' such as health, wholeness, harmony, to specific areas of the body.
  • Seeing and Believing:
    Eliminate any thought of the body being injured. See it as before it was hurt, in its' perfect state - full of light. See it as you would like it to be. 
  • Finally, sometimes it is easier to pray or heal a complete stranger rather than for someone you know. Practice whenever you can, even when you hear an ambulance, or fire truck. Practice aligns the magnetic energy within the healer, and the perception of the world changes, and then all things are healed - for all disharmony is only a belief within us - "Physician heal thyself", and a Spiritual Astrologer can show you how.

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