Spiritual Healing: Radiating Love

Spiritual Healing: Radiating Love

How to Radiate Love

"A religion without a goddess is halfway to atheism." - Dion Fortune

"Think true thoughts, and radiate like the sparkling of diamonds!"— by Clayten W. Tylor

As an Astrologer trained in Esoteric techniques, I am aware that all energy consists of dual forces; contraction and expansion, tension and relaxation, masculine and feminine. When we think of cell growth, it is a 'dividing', caused from a contraction, a movement away from unity.

Love too has its dual forces, magnetism and radiation, being loved and being loving. When we are being loved, the focus of attention is on us. When we are being loving, the focus of attention is on others.

Being loving enough to let go.

When we are being loving to others, if we do not let go, it manifests as being controlling - and contributes to fear and insecurity which manifests as jealousy. When we are the focus of love, but we do not return it, it manifests as self-centeredness and ego - a total illusion, and eventually the loss of our admirers.

In spiritual healing, love is directed first by concentration, and then by letting go. The feeling of radiating love aligns the iron fillings in the blood stream of the healer, and the healer is also healed by the Love radiating out and returning to the healer. The healer feels loved themselves when healing others unselfishly, by letting go.

Radiating love involves loving enough to let go. In fact, you do not really experience the love from someone else, you experience your own love radiated out and returned to you. When you radiate love to others, it makes you feel more loved. As a Counseling Astrologer, and the use of your Birth Chart, I can help you get in touch with this level of loving, even by telephone.

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