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Spiritual Healing: Becoming Clear

Becoming clear

"Innocence is the essential principle of regeneration." 3994 Emanuel Swedenborg.

A mind free from mind chatter.

"You become 'like that' which you hold in your mind." — by Clayten W. Tylor

Becoming 'clear' means, to access your inner center of being. This inner center is the hub at the center of the wheel - your core-intention. Personality with its' mind chatter lives on the outer rim of the wheel and is subject to the cycles of life and death. Personality's core of being is its' inner core of innocence - the true self, and any professional Astrologer knowlegable in spiritual healing can help you access your inner core-intention.

To access this innocence is not a centering into innocence but an expansion of the core into the outer hub of personality. A dissolution of personality to make way for the expansion of the true self into being. Personality stilling the mind to allow expansion of the true self.

Personality will still exist but the mind becomes still, and intuition dominates - personal memory is weakened and cosmic memory predominates - resulting in a state of silence.

Life is still experienced as being separate, but an intuitive knowing of our connectedness takes over and eventually intellect subsides allowing the heart to rule over our thoughts - a blending of heart and mind, with the heart ruling - a state of innocence.

The process is a continuous ebb and flow of centering and expansion - of knowing and not knowing, a contraction and then expansion, with the personality being regenerated further and further out of existence - the ultimate sacrifice - a relaxing out and out of our state of separateness.

Life, with its' stressing effect appears to create the tension and contraction. But life merely reflects or mirrors its opposite, which is from the cause and core of inner innocence. Its effect, the creation of personality with it's false sense of free will is the sacrifice that begins the process of regeneration and leads to this expansion of innocence and the birth of the Christ Child - the personality becoming Christ-ed.

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