Color Therapy: Resonating

Color Resonating

Color has an afterglow that lingers.

Resonating color requires acting "as if" you are the color - by "feeling" it.

Acting "as if" requires becoming the sound, which is a "feeling". And since all thought is a vibration, all that is required is that you think of the color and intone the note to experience its' vibration or "feeling".

Since sound and color communicates a vibration, it bypasses all reasoning without having to justify whether the "feeling" is true or not. This enable you to program a "feeling" that would normally be the result of an event. In fact the new "feeling" vibration is what signals to the subconscious mind to create the event.


  1. Concentration : Eliminate everything from your consciousness that blocks your ability to hold the image of the color in your mind.
  2. Meditation : Allow the color to communicate to you its' inner meaning in order to bring up the "feeling" of what it says. Intone the note to help cement the color.
  3. Visualization : Imagine all the other color correspondences that you associate with the particular color and sound. Let your imagination dream of everything that the color implies and then take a snapshot of your visualization.
  4. Adoration : Recall the visualization several times a day and revel in the belief that it is happening now. Convince the "feeling tone" of your body that it is true, by humming the note, and then continue to replace any doubts with this new self-feeling image.

For most color healing, sound is incorporated into the imagery to enable a deeper resonance and to construct a dependable tool to distinguish between color vibrations. Combining sound with color is beneficial to balance the chakras or the individual bodily zones.

  1. Seven Chakra Color Balancing : There are many conflicting opinions on the colors of the chakras. I use the tarot color correspondence. Try it, you'll like it.
  2. Twelve Bodily Zone Color Balancing : Just use the first six color zones as the six complementary colors are stimulated automatically because of the corresponding afterglow.
  3. Individual Bodily Zone Color Balancing : To heal a specific area of the body, first apply the color of the Signs' ruler and then the following two decanate sign rulers' color.

This discourse on balancing is complete as far as being published on this web site is concerned. But continue to practice these techniques and you will find other problems will also subside.

For additional information on color balancing see your particular Sun Sign horoscope under Esoteric balancing.

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