Physical Awareness:

Physical Awareness

Mind Chatter

"Nutriment is greatest when food is eaten joyfully." Swedenborg A.C. 5147

No matter what we eat or drink, unless we enjoy it, it will have little benefit. For it is the saliva that mixes with the food and drink that extracts out the goodness and then transformed into 'chyle' which is absorbed in the upper intestines.

Without the saliva, the body will starve of proper nutriment, and poor digestion. Everything else that makes up a proper diet should be seen as secondary.

Mind Chatter blocks Awareness of the Physical Level.

  1. Our Thoughts: Every thought that we think is imbued into the saliva which in turn mixes with the food and is absorbed into the blood stream. We become what we think through the process of eating and drinking - a physio-spiritual process.
  2. Our Emotions: Our emotions contribute to the process of digestion and absorption of the goodness that we imbue into the food. Powerful emotions draws up powerful imagery that can transform the chemical elements in the food into light and warmth for our physical body. The body is its own furnace, and the emotions are the fuel.
  3. Our Environment: Our environment contributes to the uniting of our thoughts and the warmth of our emotions into the food through the process of digestion. Our environment can either assist or hinder us becoming light beings - the birth and building of the spiritual body.

For most people eating is something they just put into their system. But it is the spiritual quality of the blood that causes our cravings. The purer the blood the less need for devitalized food. The more toxic the blood the more need for foods that spike our sugar level. The quality of the blood determines the dietary cravings that tend to only nourish the emotions. The 'real food' we crave is 'spirituous substance' - and we will continue to overeat until it is supplied.

  1. Light: The essential quality in all food is light. When you are eating, imagine all the ingredients that go into making what you eat. Try to see how each ingredient was imbued with the light from the Sun. And no matter what you eat (even chocolate) honor it by seeing it as being good for you (this will eliminate the cravings and the guilt).
  2. Warmth: Warmth is Love physicalized. When you eat try to imagine all the love that each person contributed through their efforts to produce that food. See their work as the handiwork of God (or the Sun).
  3. Air: Chemical elements are transformed into usable Light and Warmth and drawn out of the food and absorbed into the body through the use of the breath. The breath prana mixes with the food prana creating warmth and these give birth to the light prana that brings the spiritual body into full awareness.

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