Meditation & Relaxation Techniques.


Mind Chatter Relaxation Technique - The Fire Of Love.

Situate yourself comfortably, either sitting upright with your hands resting gently on your thighs, or laying down, but on a hard surface, and resist the temptation to fall asleep during the relaxation phase.

Close your eyes and let go of all unwanted thoughts and concerns.  Begin by establishing and maintaining deep rhythmic breathing. Breathing in to the count of eight, holding the breath for the count of eight and exhaling to the count of eight.

With every in-breath take in an image of pure white light. See it purifying, vivifying and vitalizing every cell to wholeness. On every out breath let go of all that blocks the vibrations of deep relaxation.

Take a deep breath and as you exhale imagine using your breath to light a fire below your feet, fanning the flame with the warmth of your breath. Take another deep breath and this time exhale into your feet to enliven the vital life force.

As you focus your attention upon your feet, become aware of how your feet feel. Sense the toes, and see the pure light vivifying and vitalizing through the arches and the tops of your feet and relaxing all the tension in your feet.

Take another deep breath and exhale into the fire at your feet, causing the heat to move up through your feet and into your calves. Feel the image of light and warmth carrying your awareness upwards into you calves. Similarly, become aware of how your calves feel, and relax away all of the tension stored deep in their musculature.

Take another deep breath and as you exhale see it fanning the flame hotter as it carries your awareness up to your thighs. Note how they feel, and 'will' them to relax as you warm them with the heat of your love.

Take another deep in- breath and exhale into the fire below your feet, seeing it radiating up through your body to your buttock and groin, relaxing all of the muscles in this area. Continue with breathing and exhaling into the fire as the heat from the flames move your awareness up to your abdomen and gut and relaxing all of the tension from this area.

Hold the focus of your out breath on the flame beneath your feet as it carries your awareness upward through your lower back, your upper back, releasing all the tension there. Up to your chest, relaxing and warming your shoulders, arms, and hands . Continue breathing and fanning the flame and warming the muscles as the heat signals to the muscles to relax.

Take an even deeper breath exhaling into the fire beneath your feet as the heat rushes up through the body into the muscles in your neck, your jaw and mouth. Relaxing your nose, your eyes, your cheeks, your ears and your scalp.

Focus on how relaxed and warm your entire body is at this moment. Take another deep breath pushing the heat up from below, filling your entire body with radiating warmth, so that it radiates out, out into your aura, into your room, into your life, and into the lives of all the people in your life, filling them with the warmth of your love.

Pump this love to them for a few more deep breaths until you see your light and love enfold them. Hold the warmth as long as you can. Now, gently fall asleep.

(Be sure to keep yourself covered, in order to maintain the heat as long as you can. And try to be aware of how the people in your life change toward you, because of the surplus heat you now radiate.)

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