Mind Chatter Relaxation Techniques

Disintegrating into Self Meditation

Relaxation - Disintegrating into the Self - Exercise

Situate yourself comfortably, either sitting upright with your hands resting gently on your thighs, or laying down on a hard surface, in order to resist the temptation to fall asleep during the mental tour phase.

Begin by lying completely still for a few minutes, with your eyes open in a dimly lit room. Stay motionless and avoid the temptation to move. Remain motionless for about five minutes, not scratching, yawning or shifting your position. Will the discomfort to subside as you resist the temptation to be distracted.

Now imagine your body feeling heavy and beginning to turn into a jellylike substance until you are unable to move.

Close your eyes and focus your attention at your toes. Feel how they feel from the inside and make a note of their sensation and their tension, without any thought of trying to relax them.

Continue the tour up to the calves, sensing and feeling their tension, up the body to the thighs, the buttock, and groin, the abdomen and gut, sensing and noting their tension. Up to the chest, the shoulders, the neck, and the head, noting the sensation and tension.

Now take a few deep breaths and then continue to breathe normally.

We will now tense and relax each muscle. Beginning with the left foot, tense the muscles and hold, for the count of ten, and then relax them. Immediately switch to the right foot tensing and holding, and then relax them, switching your attention to the left calf, tensing and holding for ten seconds and then relaxing...and so on up the entire body, switching your attention immediately to a different muscle, until you reach the the face, physically tensing, holding, and then relaxing your forehead.

Continue with the deep rhythmic breathing, breathing in on the count of eight but breathing out for longer, say the count of ten, emptying and clearing your lungs completely.

Now become aware of the heaviness of your body. Imagine it becoming heavier and heavier and eventually becoming solid and turning into cement. Feel your body begin to crack and crumble. Feel you legs, torso and head cracking and breaking and eventually turning to dust, as you feel your entire body disintegrating into a pile of powder on the floor.

Now imagine a broom sweeping from side to side, sweeping away the dust. Start at your feet, sweeping back and forth, moving up your body, up to your head, sweeping away all the dust and bits of powder that was once your body, until all that remains of you is your consciousness.

At this state of deep relaxation is the perfect time to make a hypnotic type suggestion. Say to yourself several times "whenever I count down from ten to one, I will become completely relaxed as I am now". Say it again as you breathe deeply, and take a snapshot of this feeling so that you can recall it again.

Take another deep breath and this time say to yourself: 'At the count of three I will awaken, fully rested and completely refreshed.' (or any other suggestion). One, Two, Three - open your eyes and gently awaken to full consciousness.

Now slowly stretch.

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