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Acting As If

Using Creative Affirmations on Mind Chatter: Acting "As If".

"I WILL - manifest positive change."

This statement of positive change, combines the spiritual centering of the "I am" with the overcoming of fear and doubt with the "I can". It is a call to action to overcome the impossible. (At least impossible from the perspective of mere personality). The "I will" takes a stance of great spiritual truth, such as in the statement of "I will heal!", or "I will win!"

Applying the Four Principles of Creative Imagination

Concentration : The "I" of "I will" focuses your attention on the spiritual plane where all is One. One is the centering power of concentration and focus - wherever you hold your attention, healing and wholeness follows.

Meditation : The "will" of the "I will" is above imagination, and signals to imagination to begin producing images.

Visualization : Imagination is always broadcasting images that would solve mankind's problems. As in the case of "I will heal" , imagination allows access to images of never being injured - truer images that are above the images of injury. A leap of faith. "I will heal" now becomes - Be Healed!.

Adoration : The images ring true, the tingle of joy is enlivened. How long you can hold it, is the test now. Adore the "feeling", and encourage the vibration to stay enlivened - live it!

Be Still, and be assured of its' good results!

Most creative affirmations using "I will" need to be seen from the spiritual perspective which is "To Will". To Will to Heal, to Will to accomplish, requires the use of the Will toward some action, to heal, to manifest on the physical plane.

  • Words: Your words align you with the power to concentrate. Such as in "I will concentrate". The use of will is your tool, and when you align yourself with it, by becoming it, you set in motion directional energies that encourage imagination.
  • Images: At this level images are flowing streams of feeling tone. The images that you direct this feeling to, are enlivened and cause a corresponding enlivened sensation in the physical body. Image yourself to be - Will it so!
  • Scenario: How will your life change? By you "feeling" differently. The "feeling" of Willing aligns your iron filings in your blood in a direction that make you "feel" better. Feeling better makes everything appear better - take a snapshot of this "feeling" and that is your scenario to use now.

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