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Making a lighter body

Uplifting Thoughts
Making a "lighter" body.

I AM - what I dwell on.

The letter "I" in the english language is capitalized, indicating "spiritual". Your "I" and my "I" are the same. There is only one "I", and the word has been left for us as a reminder of our divine nature.

The word "I" designates spiritual power when we use it with power - the "I" centers our consciousness, and the "Am" is a statement of our creating power.


  • Concentration : Say the power words "I Am". Feel the centering and feel the power of being centered. It is only from this center that creation can begin.
  • Meditation : Because the "I Am" is always evolving, there is always a higher level of power to reach for - higher being inner - always a more inner level of power, waiting to be self actualized. Be lifted upward by the words "I Am"!.
  • Visualization : Allow the words to take you back to Source. Allow yourself to be taken away from the separateness. Feel yourself being inspired by the possibilities, to be opened to the unknown. Breathe it in, be it!
  • Adoration : From this centered state of powerful oneness, imagine your particular goal as being fulfilled. Wallow in it! Play it up! Breathe out a giant sigh of the task completed, of the goal manifested - be healed!

One good thought can overpower a thousand errors.

"Truth" never makes you feel right, or wrong - is makes you "feel" more. So pick phrases that make Truth more real - demonstrate your Faith by practicing right thought and speech.

  • Word: For most "I Am" affirmations, it is best to add words of power that acknowledges some spiritual truth first, such as, "I Am Loved, I Am proud of who I am." (These are what I mean by Truths - everything else are falsities.)
  • Image: In themselves, images have no power other than the ability to bring down the spiritual quality into physicality. ( So here is the key:- to be only uplifted by the beauty within the object, knowing it is the object that is desiring us. The quality is desiring us, through the object, harking to us through our desires, calling to us to be uplifted by the beauty, unattached, always loved, even if we lose, we are united with the inner quality.) Decide what spiritual quality you want to be uplifted by, and then attach an image to it, one that you are able to recall with every time you say "I AM."
  • Scenario: Set up a scenario where the "I Am" triggers an influx of emotional upliftment, bringing down from within images of beauty, abundance, pleasure - living!, living!, living!

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