Esoteric Astrology: Cancer

Esoteric Cancer Esoteric Astrology Sun Sign

Cancer Esoteric Characteristics

(Applies to this Lifetime)

Proper Use of Power and Money.

This is the year to establish your self-worth in the eyes of others and reap the financial rewards of previous efforts by putting greater value on your contribution. Making more money and having more abundance is what sets this phase apart from the past - and it has to do with having self-worth values that are more in tune with who you are now.

More power is given to you but only in equal proportion to your steadfast dedication. Building a public image that others will admire, requires offering a practical plan to others that they can use. As much as this period is about redefining your self-worth by understanding your own needs, it is also about fulfilling the needs of society in a practical meaningfully way.

The strength of your ego is the key now, the less ego the more recognition you will receive, the more egotistical, the less others will care to acknowledge you. Either way, you will be given more responsibility, a promotion or a raise in pay, and only later will you be made aware of how much your ego was at play.

Both responsibility and greater reward are the undertones of this more outward phase, but the lesson is to rule over others with an administrative compassion, and to accept the reward with humility and gratitude. These two qualities, compassion and gratitude, are explicit to handling your responsibilities (in whatever area of your life) with greater awareness.

Greater awareness is a process that includes the sublimation of the ego, and whatever changes you can make within your personality that incorporates other peoples' values, will help you better understand yourself and your motivation now.

All manner of transformation is needed now, such as elimination of bad habits, giving selflessly to others, anything that represents the elimination of ego is necessary now in order to accept the great power and responsibility that will be given to you (you've earned it) over the coming year - happy power-tripping!

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