Esoteric Astrology: Virgo

Virgo Esoteric Astrology Sun Sign

Virgo: Esoteric Characteristics

(Applies to this Lifetime)

Integrating With The Self.

Everyone seeks a deeper integration, a new beginning, a break from tradition, a new kind of love experience. And there is a kind of helplessness that precedes all change, which is really just the beginning stages of a later letting-go. Being helpless, and ready to sacrifice your cherished concepts about what it is that you need, is the first phase of a deeper integration.

We all seek love, but only find it in its transitory form, and you have reached a phase where you now know it. All forms are temporary, and it is because of that, that sacrificial love can make love feel big. Now is the time to share, by experiencing different kinds of loving, and being loved differently.

The ultimate goal is for you to love without attachment, but you might have to allow someone else to be themselves, and still support them in their stupid ness; to get what you need for love, while at the same time keep giving, giving, giving.

All outside doors could feel closed, but that is the state of helplessness that must precede the change. As you begin to let go, your emotions are freed to express in a new way, and this is the first phase of loving, without attachment.

Loving without attachment is a deep spiritual love. How we learn it is never very pleasant, it could be, if we could just let go of our cherished concepts of how our life should have turned out, or the regrets about not stepping through the right doors.

Now comes a time to freely share the qualities of love that previously you would have kept hidden from strangers; your acceptance, your caring, your unconditional support, all these are the tools that will unite you with a bigger loving, and a deeper integration with others late in the year.

For this lifetime, it could feel like we are all depending on you, and for you, you need only to depend on your Self.

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