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Aquarius Esoteric Characteristics

(Applies to this Lifetime)

Becoming a Clearer Channel

It is said that the best way to make someone feel safe is to teach them to communicate with less emotion - and this lifetime, the forces are trying to teach you to slow down, to think twice, and to communicate clearly with others, but more importantly, to communicate more clearly with yourself.

Setting goals with the proper measurement of your true talents and abilities, is what I mean by communicating more clearly with yourself. To move forward requires writing and communicating in a way where you see it in your mind first, exactly what it is that you are trying to describe, and then begin to communicate that to others. (Example: If you are going to describe a pine tree, you must think of a pine tree, and not a rose bush, while you are describing it.)

Real communication requires that the self-talk become less judgmental, for judgment separates you from the experience, and that is the cause of miscommunication. The lesson is, the less judgmental you have with others, the more power you have to control your own mind chatter.

So in whatever area of your life that you experience problems, the way to resolve them is to see the image of the result you want, while you talk, while you write, or while you travel from place to place throughout your day - this is the area (thinking clearly) that needs to be developed this lifetime, in order for a more complete integration into a love experience.

The mind must become crystal clear, over this lifetime. Becoming 'clear' is a shift of focus, from identification with the mind chatter, to identification with the silence - that 'silence' is where you need to train your mind to find safety. When the mind can stay clear, there is no emotional response - just clarity.

This lifetime, your mind is the tool to integrate more completely with another. And this lifetime, relationships are your testing ground to apply this communication skill. If your thinking can become clear by being non judgmental, then this lifetime can bring a deepening in relationships, or even bring a new one.

In fact all relationships should improve this lifetime, as others are more than willing to assist you in anything you decide to do. But your part in it is to learn to use your mind in a new way, to see your communication as a way to encourage others to accept your ideas. And it is not until the other person intuitively picks up your 'mind image' of the idea you are trying to convey, will they understand. Better to say, "You are such a good kisser", that way they become better....

This kind of communication is the doorway into a whole new world of support and recognition over the next lifetime - just be clear!

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