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Communicating Greater Affection.

Responsibility toward friends and group goals can have a stabilizing influence on your great desire for change. Changes are coming but only in equal proportion to how steadfast you are in incorporating your need for change with your responsibility toward your friends, and therefore group goals.

Friends represent the spiritual self, and your friends could be suffering a loss of hope, which represents spiritual temptations. Your responsibility is to communicate in a way that incorporates that knowledge with your need for change, for change is just expressing the affection of good, and the affection of truth in a new way. For your friends to suffer spiritual temptations represents that you are redefining how you dispense affection through a new way of communication - and the test for you is to not communicate in the old way.

Up until now, the purpose of your communication was perhaps to sell yourself or to get your ideas accepted. Now communication is about expressing affection, but not expressing your idea of affection, but to express the kind of affection that your friends are needing - and determining what that is, is your task now.

The door to a new world is being open to you via communication, whether writing, traveling, getting from place to place, all of these represent new ways of relating, for relating to others is the way to align yourself with the groups' goals - and new ways of communicating are all the changes you should be seeking.

Communication is closely related to attitude, in fact it colors all of your communications. Your attitude determines whether you will put up with others or leave them, whether you will work on carrying out the groups wishes or rebel from them, and your attitude is being tested through friends.

The proper attitude determines whether your ideas will be accepted, but more importantly, whether you will be accepted. And becoming less of a star is what is needed - for to be accepted, which is all that you're really asking for - requires accepting others as they are. Learning to communicate in a new way will change the course of this life, and dramatically improve the types of group involvement over the next lifetime.

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