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Being a Servant to New Goals

Self worth and money can be more of a motivator now than ever before. Whether you are working to amass a fortune, or working on issues to make your life more 'worthy' - self worth is the issue.

Either way your whole value system must be rebuilt and restructured more inline with a spiritual sense of self-worth - being worthy to the Higher Self.

There is a battle going on, but the battle is just to let go of your old values, and the process won't bear fruit until after you pay your dues, therefore this phase might feel like beginning all over again, but it is really just an adding-on to your existing value system.

It's all in the details - and a methodical non-emotional work ethic is the way to make those details come to life. You are actually enlivening deep truths about being of service that have been implanted in your nature from previous cycles of being - and concentration and focus, is what brings those details into a practical vision.

The only difficulty with this phase is the lack of noticeable reward - but know, the reward will come. You are learning to be a servant, and a servant is responsible for making sure that things are kept orderly - and that is your task now - structure and details, all put into an orderly fashion, so you can recall them easily later when you are ready to cash-in.

New values involve others as well, for other peoples values need to be incorporated into the plan, or the plan could need revising by late in the year. But you will know where you are in conflict with others peoples values by June, and then is the time to review the plan.

Stick to it and keep at it - but try to be a happy servant, and then you will feel the reward - at least, inwardly!

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