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Rewriting your Moral Code

This is the year to begin to express yourself more appropriately, by establishing new forms of fun and new ways of being a child again, while still maintaining some semblance of maturity (such as: drinking without driving, disciplining without harshness, or loving without promiscuity).

Everything that you have discarded as unobtainable, (a permanent relationship, or a permanent job) has only become unobtainable because of your inappropriate self-expression. It's time to bring back a moral code regarding your actions.

Implementing a new moral code is usually the response from the fear of something (fear of loosing a lover, fear of loosing your job, fear of being rejected), so you decide on a higher level of loving, a higher moral code, marriage is one. But fear is sometimes why we discard our cherished goals, and brand them as unobtainable (fear of not obtaining them) - and recognizing that, is the first step to implementing a new moral code. (Maybe we should add 'courage', the courage to do the right thing when faced with fear.)

The second step, is going back to the basics, (ask yourself, if you could still have that perfect job, or that ideal relationship, etc.) and look at any discarded cherished goals you would still like to fulfill. Ask yourself, if you got the lover you wanted, how would you have to act in order to keep them. If you got the job you wanted, how would you have to act in order to be promoted? These are the basics that must be reintroduced back into your moral code, for standing upright, is your key to big-bucks and big-hugs. (I mean, a fulfilled self-expression).

this lifetime ends a long period of feeling hurt by circumstances. To begin anew, and to enter each new action toward your ideal without the baggage of old hurt, is the key now. If you ignored the call to restrain your hurt and doubt over the last two years, and wallowed in a lack of self worth, now you can make up for it.

This is a turning point regarding your philosophy. Allow yourself to be lifted up by a higher moral code. Begin to demonstrate this uprightness in all your self-expression (dating, dancing, doing), and know, that to win, requires a winning attitude first - the way a child enters into all playful activities, like a winner, with no need to compete. - And by the end of the year, you'll wonder why you didn't get into the game, without the doubt and hurt, sooner. You're a rising star, let it go to your head!

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