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"The truly spiritual states are very easy; one is simply here Now!" (Elizabeth Haich, Sexual Energy and Yoga)

Esoteric Articles

Discover your Spiritual Essence within

These Esoteric Articles are about Esoteric Astrology, and how Esoteric Readings can balance the Spiritual energies or vibratory powers within, by bringing those vibrations into full Awareness.

Becoming aware of the Spiritual realm within, requires connecting with how our thoughts create our conditions, and how our emotions mold those repeating thoughts into patterns, which block the awareness of the Essence of the Spiritual Feeling of Love.

When we are able to trace events back to their originating thoughts, we can more easily understand the Feelings that those origiating thoughts have created. And then, when we are fully-aware of our entire thought process, the mind becomes balanced and clear, the heart opens, and the Spiritual Essence within is revealed as the Universal Feeling of Love, the Brotherhood of Mankind.

These Esoteric articles offer some techniques to bring the Feeling of Love into Awareness, so that we can use your thoughts to create more favorable outer conditions and to help manifest the Brotherhood of Mankind.


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