Esoteric Astrology: Capricorn

Capricorn Esoteric Astrology Sun Sign

Capricorn Esoteric Characteristics

(Applies to this Lifetime)

Reciprocal Giving

This life brings issues of insecurity, and responsibility toward parents and family unless you connect with the true source of your security, the Cosmic. Hold back the insecurity within yourself, by being for others what you want for yourself, and resting on that truth, is the purpose of this lifetime .

Most insecurity is collective, and just a belief based on previous false notions of distrust, caused by the inability to hold our attention long enough for real trust and security to be established. Years of flitting from place to place emotionally can leave someone uncertain as to where their real source of security comes from, and where their real responsibilities lie.

Seeking security in a parent, or a partners resources could feel secure, but coming to terms with their values might be more than it's worth. For coming to terms with other peoples values really means 'thou shall not covet' - for to covet ('my precious') other people or their resources, really means that we are not connected to our true source of abundance - the Cosmic.

If you fall into the other category, with you being the one having the resources, then your issue is about sharing them unconditionally, and unconditionally means, without a tax receipt, without concern as to how someone else will spend it - to give, give, give, the way the cosmic gives - unconditionally.

Both giving and receiving love (loving, being loved) are explicit lessons during this lifetime. You are having a deeper connection, and that exchange (giving, and letting-go) of energy will establish the rhythm (big loving, big letting-go) necessary for you to really let go, with love - imagine the attraction, loving unconditionally will just make you a 'more perfect' love machine - for letting go; radiating love to someone (or something), and then letting-go, is the power of attraction - and this lifetime, each heartbeat strengthen your love nature, the deeper you let-go.

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