Esoteric Astrology: Taurus

Taurus Esoteric Astrology Sun Sign

Taurus: Esoteric Characteristics

(Applies to this Lifetime)

Faith in The Unknown.

Building freedom through a project that is still in the works requires great faith. Faith, that what you are working on has a greater significance than can be seen with the eyes.

Working behind the scenes with sacrifice as your motivation is what you are doing now - and its ultimate goal will eventually lead to greater security, with money and freedom being the final result.

Unseen forces are assisting you, and your job now is to focus and channel these forces into a concept that strengthens your idea about living a useful life. That concept could manifest as a secret project, or just helping others - for assisting or being assisted is the underlying principle this lifetime.

Working from home, or dealing with issues of family or parents, requires a practical vision for living. And a practical vision regarding these issues might be just the acceptance that a greater significance will eventually be unveiled, and then you will understand the necessity for this period of isolation - just keep building, and keep helping.

Opportunities for a move, or to reorganize the family structure may have a fortunate outcome, but either way, concepts of home and security are changing. And because their are unseen forces involved, your task is to maintain your faith, by seeing the changes as eventually being favorable.

Building a new foundation starts with a practical vision, but the hard work must follow immediately afterwards, and your work is to contribute to the vision by knowing the outcome is destined, but the way it manifests, whether comfortably or peacefully, will be your contribution.

It is all working out as it should, and faith determines your ultimate response to the outcome, for faith brings the vision present, and love connects it, which brings money. By applying that knowledge to your present situation' is the task for all you Taurus's.

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