Esoteric Astrology: Aries

Esoteric astrology, esoteric Aries

Aries Esoteric Characteristics

(Applies to this Lifetime)

Creative Being.

The life-task is balancing: how do you more fully be yourself without becoming so independent that others feel threatened; and how do you maintain security, while becoming more independent. Being 'more yourself' needs expression, and through areas of your life that brings a sense of 'winning'; by being the 'center of attention' - for fun and good times, is the way for you to bring balance.

Expressing the creative urge will eventually overflow into other areas of your life; and taking risks (speculative or romantic) with a 'devil-may-care' attitude heightens your independent sense of self, and the drive to live, live, live. Expressing that urge is how balance is restored; in fact, the more expressive you become, the more you will feel that you are really living.

You are what others have wanted you to be, and it takes great courage and stamina to really be yourself. Who that is, is what you are discovering this lifetime.

Beginning to be yourself always starts with a mirroring thru others. And if you live with someone, they will mirror the issues that you need to work on within yourself.

As your sense of individuality strengthens, so will your self-image and the idea of what you can become. As this new self image forms into a clearer concept of individuality, it threatens others, and compromising keeps you secure until this new self image is fully formed.

You will discover that the solution to balancing is to "live from the 'heart', and living-creatively is how balance is restored. You'll wonder why you didn't just be yourself sooner - for to fully 'be yourself' is what life is all about - and this lifetime, you get your chance to try again.

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