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Leo: Esoteric Characteristics

(Applies to this Lifetime)

Living Outwardly while Loving Inwardly.

This is the life to be truly yourself. Up until now the world has not really seen you - and you have not really seen yourself, but now you get the opportunity to develop a new self-image, and to truly be yourself.

The self image that most people present to others is based on the best way they know how to receive love. For a Leo, all striving is an attempt to receive love, and receiving love creates a feeling of superiority.

Superiority is a quality innate to ego, for ego is a reflection of true spiritual power, and because the ego identifies this power as being its' own, it is mirrored as others being separate and therefore less superior. It is a necessary perspective in order to be unique, but your task now is - how do you be more yourself, with less superiority.

It is not about humility, at least not outwardly, but a humility focused inwardly. For the courage to be more yourself requires inward humility in order to receive more spiritual power to be yourself - to be uniquely you, and that is measured by how strong your receptivity is to this hierarchal law that forms our ego.

This hierarchy is based on three levels of law; civil, moral and spiritual, and their three corresponding tests of money, power and pride. The issue is, how do you be more yourself while incorporating all three of these hierarchal laws into your being, and to bring them into a practical working philosophy by demonstrating them morally in relationships. This can only be brought about by a heightened sense of self - and that's how you increase your uniqueness and ultimate growth now, by guiding others through your actions and being guided from within because of a new moral code.

This is a testing and a tempering of both your intellectual self and your love nature in order to bring them into balance so that you can be more fully guided from within. This tempering of personality is a refining of the desire nature, which brings about a balanced love nature, yet with an aspiring attitude.

But at this stage the guidance has to be requested, and the testing is through personal experience. It is in the mistakes (anything that goes wrong is a mistake) that makes you examine and temper how you express yourself, and ultimately unveils the fact that there is a guiding power ruled by a moral code that you might not completely understand, yet it is the 'requesting' that brings the understanding regarding your mistakes.

How do you 'ask' in order to receive from within and above? How do you grow and expand your sense of self in guidance with a higher moral code. In order to be more yourself, now you must 'ask' to receive - and then you will know what it is to receive intuition from within.

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