Esoteric Article: Understanding Depression

Vancouver Counselling Astrologer

Depression or Super-Sensitivity?

"Temptation Combat - This is the crucially dynamic spiritual process that can utterly change a man's life from within - the testing of where he really stands when the chips are down. This testing is never brought about directly by God, but is permitted to take place for the sake of spiritual growth." (Essential Readings by Michael Stanley)

In Esoteric Astrology, a Counselling Astrologer would say that there is only "one mind" and "one body"- and we are are all an aspect of this ONE SELF, and because of this connection, it makes possible for such things as ESP, or mental telepathy. In this connectedness is stored all the past pain of everyone who has ever existed on the earth plane before.

This storage area is called the Astral Plane or subconsciousness, also the World of Spirit energies (not the spiritual world). It is the level of the unconscious mind, where our mind resides when we sleep. It can be accessed in meditation or hypnosis.

It is here that is stored all collective past habits - some good , some bad. The good ones are habits that repair our body after a workout or illness - these are needed habits. The bad ones are called false knowledge - habits related to self-centeredness such as depression, suicide, negative self talk - these need to be eliminated - they are no longer useful for mankind.

The Age Of Aquarius.

This is the work to be done now - The Age Of Aquarius. This unconscious level is where all the pain of the world is stored, layer upon layer. (In religion, they call this the suffering of the Christ level of consciousness) - the more Spiritual you become the more sensitive you become, and the more deeper you can attune to this unconscious level of suffering.

So if you are not aware that you are sensitive (or spiritual), you would believe that these negative thoughts are your own. So if you take credit for the genius in you, or the good that you do for others, as coming from yourself, then you are obliged to accept the negative as your own as well.

The "suffering" level of consciousness is a veil that allows only the true at heart to pass through. So the "veil" stops the abusive from accessing spiritual levels of power.

Since spiritual powers aren't personal concepts, they cannot be accessed by someone who has not yet sacrificed their personal perspective. (For they would interpret spiritual powers as personal powers, and blow a fuse - heart attack, dis-ease etc.).

Personal power is more powerful when used for the greater good. It can still be used for personal good but eventually the burden of an unfulfilled life is usually too much to bear. The more it is used for the greater good the less personal it feels - and the more power you can use - and therefore with less influence from the world of spirits.

AFFIRMATION: All power is given to me.

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