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How to Controll Mind Chatter

Thought Watchfulness.

"The mind has to be empty to see clearly." (The little book on LIVING: J.Krishnamurti)

In Buddhist meditation practices, everything that we do can be performed without thinking. Most actions have become habits, and require almost no thought to perform. This allows our inner "mind chatter" to get out of control, acting as a counter suggestion to our goals, and sabotaging our concentration and our dreams.

Meditation is the practice of controlling thought, first through concentration upon an object or problem, and then by releasing it for a solution, via inspiration. If inspiration and intuition is a process that comes from a source within, then mind chatter blocks this process.

Personality uses mind chatter as a defense to justify itself, and to keep itself in existence - for without "mind chatter" there would be no sense of separateness and we would always be in the present moment. Can personality be trained to become clear and focused? (Emmanuel Swedenborg said, Astonishment brings silence, and silence causes an influx of inspiration). Without astonishment there can be no silence.

We tend to focus better on what we love. Love looks upon it's object of desire without judgment and feels inspired. This can become a learned experience that we can apply to things that we don't love as much - yet still be inspired. Mind chatter removes us from the total experience of the present moment by distraction, by creating judgment, by breaking our concentration and blocking the flow of love.

But "mind chatter" cannot be controlled by an intellectual process. It knows the game better than anyone. But what mind chatter does not like, is to be watched. The moment "mind chatter" is observed - it stops. Perspective is the key to controlling "mind chatter" - a perspective that observes. Once the spaces of silence between the thoughts are recognized, intellect fumbles, an influx occurs, and inspiration flourishes. The process repeats, and "mind chatter" begins again. Observing "mind chatter" is the beginning of a process that will change your life.

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