Esoteric Article: Is Swearing Cool?

Man's Aura

Are Your Words Warm or Cool?

"If I defend myself I am attacked." (A Healed Mind Does Not Plan by Allen A. Watson)

In Esoteric Psychology, it is said that our earth reality is dual, good and bad, hot and cold, past and future etc. This dual nature is the basis of all creation. Duality even exists in the spiritual world, as spirit energies, and angelic energies.

Spirits are people that once lived on the physical plane, but care only about themselves. We all know people who dwell in the past - they tend to be negative, emotionally cold, self-centered and withdrawn. When our thoughts turn to negativity, using swearing and vulgarity, we become de-humanized and attune with these spirit energies, which make us feel cold and self-centered, and pushes away the things we love - eventually sabotaging all our hopes and dreams.

Angels were once people, but now have no desire to live on the physical plane, and have chosen to only help others. Angels surround us with heat, which contributes to us feeling loved. When our thoughts turn to reading and thinking inspirational thoughts, we are attuned with these angelic energies and they cause feelings of optimism about manifesting our goals. People that dwell in the future are considered, inventors, genius's and humanitarians.

An Astrologer trained in Esoteric Psychology would say that swearing justifies and perpetuates our own limitations, and therefore contributes to our continued materialistic bondage. If Love can magnetize a sweetheart - imagine what it could do for your dreams?

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