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The Secret: Science of Getting Rich

I have just been sent an email that suggested to watch the 1 ½ hour movie, “The Secret” - The Science of Getting Rich.

The Secret to Getting Rich?

Like it says, the ‘Secret’ has never been a secret, at least not for all the secret societies that have existed since the beginning of time. The secret societies have kept it a secret so that those that come across this information will not use it purely for personal gain.

An Esoteric Astrologer will tell you that spiritual knowledge about manifesting on the physical plane, when used for purely personal gain, is no longer spiritual knowledge, but spiritual knowledge used selfishly. Imagine having spiritual power in the hands of a purely selfish person?

True spiritual power, not just the power to manifest an abundant life for yourself which is available to all human beings, or the power to heal and repair your physical body, which takes place naturally every night when you go to sleep, is a divine right. But, if you were able to self heal at will always, when does the abuse of the body that contributed to the health issue get dealt with?

The physical body is meant to age and rot, in the hope that consciousness can transfer from the illusion of body, to the true awareness of spirit, within the body. Unless identity is transferred from being a body to being a spirit all spiritual power is considered being used selfishly, and no amount of money can create happiness or no amount of abundant health can delay the end when your time has come - and if the end comes before you have acquired enough money or things that you consider an abundant life, what then?

Yes, you have to feel abundant first for money to come, but if you judge your self-worth by how much money you have, what happens when your time comes, and you have to part with your money as well as your body?

Live, live, live, but detached! Focus on what you want to happen - but detached about the outcome. Know that your greatest source of abundance is when you can be of service for the divine self, and that, requires getting personal ‘want’ subdued. Seek the advice of a good Esoteric Astrologer to understand the real secret science of getting rich - as it applies to you.

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