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"...But to heal the understanding alone is to heal man outwardly only: for the understanding with its thought is the external of man's life, while the will with its affection is the internal of his life. Therefore the healing of the understanding alone would be like palliative healing ..."  (Emanuel Swedenborg - DP 282)

Wholeness thru Intuitive Astrology Readings

The whole purpose of an Esoteric (Psychic) Astrology Reading, is to restore the balance between the 'inner' and the 'outer' selves. The challenges in our lives are resolved when we embark on this balancing process.

In Esoteric Astrology, all of our life challenges are sent by the Higher Self, to push us into a process of transformation, which leads to identification with the Higher Self - and obtaining that state is Healing.

Esoteric (Psychic) Healing by Balancing

The balancing begins an inner communication with the Higher Self. In personality this imbalance is between the intellectual mind-chatter, and our desire nature. This imbalance is what holds mankind focused in physicality, unaware of the spiritual state of peace within.

This imbalance of the intellectual side, and the desire nature, is the cause of all our challenges in life. As an example: if our desires win and intellect is sublimated, we experience gluttony and disease; or if intellect wins, and our desires are sublimated, we experience frustration, which leads to binge drinking, road rage, accidents, and blame.

When balance is restored, even briefly, our desire-nature becomes inspired, and our intellect becomes clear, which causes an influx of creative energy. (As an example, on the level of personality, when you receive a compliment you feel good, you're in the present moment, you smile and radiate love. Even though it is false pride).

Naturally, this "feeling" of love is within us, but for those who are personality-centered, it is only activated by outside sources. But for those that can temporarily surrender the personality self, and can cause an influx at will, this is felt as a "feeling" of love, radiating.

When personality acknowledges the presence of this "feeling" of radiating love , an influx temporarily heightens the awareness. This heightened awareness is felt as a physical sensation in the body. I call this the 'feeling- tone' because it is a sound vibration. Emmanuel Swedenborg talks about a "spirituous fluid that courses through our body, and projects a simple fiber - a flashing organic current." Biologists call it electro-chemical and is said to have "rhythmical waves of electrical potential." As you encourage this 'feeling-tone' to grow - by imitating it and by sharing it, you begin to move the center of consciousness, from personality, to the perspective of the Higher Self - mind without chatter.

But before we can make this feeling-tone to be identified with our Higher Self, it has to be cleared of its previous vibrations; the stress, the tension, the anxiety, and the anger. And because this feeling-tone vibrates with our mental state, it is effected by what the intellect dwells on - and you therefore attract what you dwell on.

The temperaments and moods of the mind keep our spiritual self hidden, but the veil is only a vibrational one. (As an example, anger can create a bad feeling in the body, and the feeling-tone can then hold that memory of the anger for a very long time, and it begins to effect our life.

Essentially, the feeling-tone also holds the memory of love, which is our divine nature. When we dwell on thoughts of strength, compassion and love, we encourage this feeling-tone to become enlivened - and then, when we practice radiating this feeling to others, as pulsating love, a feeling of unity, wholeness, and healing comes over us.

Psycho-spiritual Counseling thru a Psychic Astrology Reading can help us understand our particular patterns that block our divine right to Wholeness. In fact, Esoteric Astrology is one of the best counseling tools, for it allows a Psychic Astrologer to bypass the delusions that keep the client in bondage, thereby getting straight to the problem, and giving the client the tools (or esoteric principles) to take with them to correct their problems themselves.

Esoteric Astrology

Vancouver Psychic Astrologer Esoteric Astrology is Self-Improvement Astrology
"If you have ever balanced a stone on its side, you know the exact moment of balance; the experience is magical, life changing - you never forget it!"
Re-discover your Creative Self.

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