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Laws of Love

"Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." (Carl Jung, "On the Psychology of the Unconsciousness", 1917n.)

Attracting Love

If you were a light bulb, would you be a 25 watt, a 60 watt or 100 watt bulb? No matter how bright you are or try to be, you are still going to burn out eventually.

If your physical body corresponds to the light bulb, then the current flowing through you corresponds to love. Until you transfer your sense of self, from being the bulb, to being the current, you will always be out of balance - either burning too hot, becoming egotistical, and attracting the wrong kind of relationships; or too cold, appearing standoffish and unlovable, with no one wanting to relate.

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Love, like the current is our source. We must learn to encourage its' flow; thereby creating more heat, and compatibility, while directing its' course so it doesn't short circuit. We can encourage its' flow by learning to love things that won't reject us, like the birds and trees, then graduating to animals and then people. Here is where directing its' course requires discrimination, otherwise you revert to a light bulb again when someone rejects you.

On a subtle level love is a magnetic energy just like electrical current. The more love flowing through you out to others the better you feel about yourself and the less you care about what others think. That is the power of love - when you love yourself - it changes the cellular structure of your 30 trillion little cells. When they feel loved, they begin to radiate their magnetism and become more compatible.

("Swedenborg talks about a spirituous fluid that coursed through our body, and projected a simple fiber - a flashing organic current. Biologists call it electro chemical and is said to have rhythmical waves of electrical potential." - Michael Stanley, Essential Readings.)

So, being lovable to yourself increases the flow of love within you - which changes how others perceive you. So giving love to yourself, changes how others perceive you.

Next lesson we will talk about how to magnetize others and the things you desire - but for now, practice with loving your little cells - think of them as pets - encourage and direct them - they will love you for it!

Laws of Love - Part 2

Giving to self - Giving to others.

So we learned that the law of love requires first loving yourself enough to love others. (Not out of neediness, like most love is based - which ends bitterly and which leaves each partner feeling as empty as they were before they met - even if it was a successful fifty year marriage.)

But a love that you can share with others because it comes from your magnetized center. This is the only way you can give love to others. Yourself filled full first, and then radiating out to others. (In religions they say put god first in your relationships - something like that.) So if your partner is to turn away, you won't turn back into a light bulb - and stop glowing - you will just increase the flow and be hotter.

There is a point though when the other has nothing more to teach you, and parting is inevitable, but this is unimaginable to most people in love.

And just like an electrical current is fluctuating, so too must you learn to fluctuate your magnetic field of love or your constant heat will just make someone act and be their stupid self when around you. You will then either have to pull away or learn to fluctuate your love in proportion to how much love the object of your desire can handle.

To control the fluctuating pulse, requires a letting go. There are two aspect to letting go. The first is letting go of self judgment to things of the past - flaws in your personality, things you said or did etc., in order to love yourself. The best way is to admit you loved the best you could at the time and you are evolving to perfection.

The second aspect of letting go is regarding your future expectations. Unless you 'let go' of your expectations how can you attract your initial impulse back? Like the sun - it shoots out radiating beams caused by the heat but attracts and magnetizes particles because of it's light. Astrological compatibility is similar, the more love you radiate the less influence your chart has over your relationships with others.

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