Global Warming

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Global Warming & Anger

“Pollution denotes the truth of faith defiled.” (Swedenborg 4504)

Years ago a friend of mine said she didn’t ever want me to become a ‘Greenpeacer’. What she meant was that she never wanted me to be one of those people that believed that pollution was outside of themselves - that from the perspective of a Esoteric Astrologer, all pollution was merely a reflection of mankind’s polluted thoughts.

“Faith, in the internal sense, is nothing else than charity.” (3121)

Essentially, pollution is caused by a lack of charity - failure to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’. During incidences of road-rage we can feel the temperature of our blood rise, and so we know it’s our thoughts and emotions expressed as a lack of charity in response to others that fuel our anger and contribute to our polluted thoughts.

“Anger of heat. Heat is predicated of falses, and anger of evil” (A.C. 3614)

Because anger makes us want to only associate with others that will agree with us, it creates groups of similarly minded polluted thinkers that can be easily angered as a group. When one group temperature rises in opposition to another group temperature, it leads to war, and although we can see pollution as being the result of a lot of gunpowder, it is the anger that is the real cause of global warming.

“Poverty Signifies a defect of the knowledges of truth and good.” (A.E.193)

Just as poverty is caused by a lack of truth, justice is an excuse the rich use to avoid giving to the poor, and their ongoing strength requires keeping others uneducated to perpetuate the illusion.

“Justice and Judgment with respect to man, signifies charity and faith” (2235)

When justice it not balanced with charity - it is essentially, just anger. And, it is not until we learn ‘to love thy neighbor as thyself’, do we have any real solution to poverty, or global warming.

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