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Deciding what do you want to "be" and "do" is the first step.

"To know, to will, to dare, to be silent".

In magic, deciding what you want to be and do is the first step, Once your mind is made up about what you want to be; as long as you have taken the proper measurement of your talents and interests, a whole string of cellular activity begins to take place, and sets into motion subconscious activity that begins to create your goal.

Similar to body building, once you have done the exercise and torn your muscles you let the body repair itself (and you wouldn't try to bench-press five-hundred-pounds the first try, right?) Now with the decision made, the creative imagination kicks in with the emotion to help visualize the newly created self-image.

Now that you know what you want to be, you start to visualize all the things you have to do, including all the stuff you would buy, and where you will move to, etc. If the excitement doesn't happen, then you have to reevaluate what you want to be, and whether the rewards for doing, are great enough.

Next, use reason to overcome any doubt. A good business plan will convinced you it is worthwhile. Continue to use these techniques, reviewing the plan, visualizing the rewards in order to overcome the doubt. When your doubt has subsided, take action.

The last key is SILENCE, it creates an air of magic. Keep your plans to yourself, don't even tell your friends, the only exception, your success coach. Silence and humility attract acknowledgment and increases your creativity. Silence overcomes doubt and builds vital life force. Keep business business, only discuss it with your astrologer, bank manager, lawyer - if at all.

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