Esoteric Article: The DaVinci Code

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The DaVinci Code is the "Lost" Word

"The master-key to the Hebrew wisdom is the "name" translated "Lord" in the Authorized Version of the Bible, and "Jehovah" in the revised versions. It is not really a name at all, but rather a verbal, numerical and geometrical formula. In Roman letters corresponding to Hebrew it is spelled IHVH."

"This is a noun form derived from a Hebrew verb meaning "to be". Correctly translated, it means "That which was, That which is, That which shall be." THAT, not HE." (The Tarot by Paul Foster Case)

The Lost Word is The Divine Feminine.

A soul centered Astrologer would say that the Logos (or Lord, Jehovah) is a "Word", and the Word is a sound, and the sound is a vibration, and the vibration is a "feeling" in the physical body - this is the "Lost Word" - the Real Da Vinci Code!

In this instance, the personality can be considered a vibration, and the "Word" is a tone, or tonal sound that underlies the vibration of personality - it is our Divine Self.

Awareness of this feeling Tone, or Divine Self is "veiled" until the vibration of personality is transmuted - one surrendering to the other. But because surrendering is opposite the force that develops personality, the True Self that lives within is veiled and said to be lost, yet a soul centered Psychic Astrologer can help you uncover it.

The birth of the Light Body, or the Christ Child is the transmutation or transference of our personality perspective to the full awareness of the Divine Self - our future self - our only destiny. This transmutation is a uniting through full awareness, living fully in the Now with no sense of personal separateness. It is a sacrificing of the ego until desire has been transformed.

The process can be painful because the ego battles to stay alive, hence the crucified symbolism regarding the Christ. Everyone experiences it, but because the light body creates both heat and light in the body, it is usually diagnosed as something else, an illness, a psychosis, rage and blame.

The "Code" is a vibrational "Feeling" that we all know, intuitively a soul centered psychic astrologer can help you discover it. It is in our memory, our cosmic memory. Personality with it's personal memory must be lovingly disciplined to let go of its control. The "Lost" Word is unveiled first as a feeling of Peace that starts in the center of our being, strengthening to radiate out to all regions of space - deep, deep relaxation, and trust - then the Divine Feminine will have been found - and the Real Da Vinci "Code" revealed - Silence.....

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