Law of Attraction

esoteric law of attraction

Esoteric Law of Attraction

The esoteric law of attraction is a natural law that contributes to man's contrition, and eventually man's reformation. Used wisely, it can transport man's selfish materialistic perspective of excessive striving and accomplishment, to serving and radiating divine forces for the good of others - and that is to become 'more than human'.

Becoming 'More than Human'

Raising and Balancing the Desire Nature: The Law of Attraction not only applies to manifesting material desires, but to manifesting spiritual powers as well. By attuning with spiritual concepts, you attract their corresponding powers and 'become' like them; then, the physical desires are raised from mere desire for personal fulfillment, to being transformed, and you become, 'more than human'.

The law of attraction is also our collective way home to the Brotherhood of Man, the Age of Aquarius, when man collectively experiences being eternal, with its resulting change of values and perspective; thereby raising and balancing the desire nature, when the feeling of oneness can shine through for all; and that can only come about when our desires are turned to helping others first.

As the ‘Secret’ states, you must act ‘as if’ you have fulfilled your desire, for it to manifest. So too, must we act as if we care more for others than ourselves for the fulfillment of the brother/sisterhood of mankind to manifest in our own hearts.

Further to: The Law of Attraction

When we focus on spiritual concepts sach as, compassion, forgiveness, patience and understanding, we attract those qualities into our own nature. And when we focus on anger, hatred, jealousy and intolerance, we attract to us those qualities in others.

The difference is, spiritual energies project out into the universe, and create positive influences in our state of ‘being’, (able to cope with difficult circumstances better), whereas negative energies do not project (light projects, darkness implodes) but stays upon the aura of the person, thereby contributing to the illusion of separateness. This can make someone feel strong and more powerful, but thereby attracting others who are stronger or more powerful than them, accentuating the need to remain negative in order to feel strong and powerful.

That is why we get the phrase, ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. The ‘earth’ in alchemy is another name for the prana, or healing life force within the body, which enables the personality to lose all sense of self, and unite with the brotherhood/sisterhood of mankind - a state of consciousness called the Christ level or Buddha level, or Cosmic Consciousness, or Humanity consciousness - a state that all humans can reach, once they eliminate their state of separateness, and begin to care more for others than themselves.

All ‘real’ power to manifest, or to heal etc., requires a personality freed from a sense of separateness - a self-less condition that allows the 'attraction' energy to 'project'. This condition is met because the person is aware that the ‘real power’ is not theirs, but a universal source only accessible to the truly compassionate at heart.

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