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How to Change your Destiny

"Since every soul has been uniquely created to become a special part of the Grand Man, everyone has a predetermined importance. A man may refuse it, foolishly, but it is heaven to accept and hell to refuse it."  (Essential Readings by Michael Stanley)

Imagine that you can symbolically put yourself and all the memories of 'who-you-are' in a chair over in the corner of your room, and leave yourself there during an Astrology Reading.

In Esoteric Astrology you "create" your own reality, there is no "destined future", only cycles of likes and dislikes - you become what you dwell on. Today is a product of how you thought in the past, whether yesterday or a year ago. If today's' events are not what you desire, then you have to change how you think and react to these events today, in order to change your tomorrow.

To do that, you have to rise above your personal fears and negative "mind chatter" that has contributed to the cause of these events. Changing how you react, can only be done by a shift in your perspective. A different perspective is an altering of how you feel about something, including the strongest shift - how you feel about yourself. By changing how you feel about yourself - first by being lovable to yourself - changes all of your relationships with the outer world.

Negative thoughts and fears are layers of disagreement the personality uses to build its' strong sense of self. Personality is built layer upon layer until a deep sense of separateness is establishes. This negative state of separateness is a necessary stage in our spiritual evolution. It contributes to our desire to relate to others on a deeper level, which leads to the formation of relationships. And since relationships are based on agreement, we eventually learn to compromise and reevaluate our beliefs.

This balancing back and forth weakens personality's' grip. The personality is exhausted from the compromise and reevaluation process; it still exists, but now there is a new awareness, a more detached perspective, not so identified with its' own opinions.

Once this detached perspective is established, a shift begins to take place and a new relationship with our Inner Self is formed. This newly reestablished connection with our True Self can now be nurtured in equal proportion to our detachment to personality. The REAL WORK is to distinguish between personality and Self in all that we do.

The personality can now safely be encouraged and loved without the fear and selfishness taking over. Yes, duality still exists, but now understood and accepted as a useful illusion. Our mind chatter becomes less and intuition deepens, and we experience the present moment. "Living" teaches us to be spiritual. Astrology maps the course, and a good Esoteric Astrologer can offer techniques to speed up the process.

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