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Obtaining Happiness.

"The truly spiritual states are very easy: one is simply, here now!" — (Elisabeth Haich - Sexual Energy and Yoga. Pg. 141)

Happiness implies a state of oneness, or having obtained the desired outcome. But "obtaining" implies not yet having it, being separate from the outcome of our desire.

In Esoteric Psychology, all desire flows from a spiritual level of consciousness, and is distorted as we interpret it "personally". Essentially, at the spiritual level, the symbol of the object is already ours, but at the physical level our personality interprets it as the "desire for" the object. (Yet, in Metaphysics you must act "as if" you already have the object, for it to manifest).

Since the reality of our personality is based on desires that have been "personalized", our reality can only comprehend a state as separateness. Objects that we desire being separate from our grasp - making us full of "want".

In essence, all desire is really a premonition of what is to come - for to have the desire on the physical plane means you are "at one with" the symbol on the spiritual plane. In religion, attunement with a symbol can cause the power of that symbol to manifest on the physical plane.

All desire is formed from the root source called Love. It is misinterpreted by personality as "lack" or "wanting". In truth, the True Self radiates this love constantly; but it is received by personality only intermittently, and because personality believes itself to be outside this center of radiating glory, it is projected upon others as if they are the source of this love.

In Esoteric Astrology, you are the source of that radiating love, and when you radiate it to others, you experience this love as coming from them. (Your love radiated out and returning to you.) (When you act "As If" you are the radiating center of love it pulls the power from the spiritual plane filling you with love, with enough left over to give to others - this is called healing!)

 By admitting that it is LOVE that we are seeking in all that we do, focuses the power of attunement onto something that is already ours. This creates a magnetism that attracts all that we are - the true Source of Happiness - which is LOVE! A sensitive Astrologer trained in Esoteric Psychology, can help anyone tap into this source.

Recap: "Instead of seeking happiness in your daily life environment, go into a 'meditative state' for your happiness, and then express that happiness in your daily life as love." - C. Tyor.

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